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When US President Donald Trump of the New York Times He often uses the adjective "failing", which translates as failing, failing, unsuccessful. Like many things Trump says, that has nothing to do with reality New York Times it is great. The newspaper is just announcing a new record number of subscribers.

The connection can not be proven directly, but it is certain in the industry that Trump has something to do with this success. Since he was elected president in 2016, the readership figures of the paper are rising rapidly. It almost seems that every new tirade of the polarizing man in the White House of the Times is driving new and, above all, paying readers.

In the third quarter of 2019 alone, the Times claims to have gained 273,000 new online subscribers. Of these, 209,000 pay for the main product, the newspaper, while the rest subscribe to the recipe page or the crossword puzzles. The total number of subscribers to the printed and digital editions is currently 4.9 million. As a medium-term target, the newspaper has spent ten million subscribers, of which two million are expected to come from outside the US. The figure of ten million is expected to be reached in 2025. Given the current rates of increase, this is not considered unlikely.

Even her parent can buy the Times back

Depending on which package you choose, subscriptions cost between $ 15 and $ 35 a month. Since August 2018, however, the Times has also been selling subscriptions for just a dollar a week all over the world. These are now gradually becoming more expensive. The number of readers who kept their subscription even after the price increase, was "reasonably positive," the paper says. Meanwhile, the advertising revenue has fallen. This is not surprising in the case of the print edition, whose circulation is continuously decreasing. The Times currently prints on average just over 500 000 copies a day, half as many as in 2005. Surprisingly, however, come the decline in advertising revenues on the fast-growing digital side. A good five percent less than in the same quarter last year, the Times took, for the fourth quarter, even stronger slumps are expected.

Thanks to the high number of subscribers, the paper is still making some profits, but in the past quarter it was $ 44 million. The cash reserves amount to nearly $ 900 million, which enables the Times to buy back their parent company. In 2009, the newspaper had sold parts of the Times Building in Midtown Manhattan completed in 2007 to an investment firm and leased back to pay debts. At that time, a right of repurchase for 2019 was agreed upon. The Times can now raise the necessary $ 245 million almost effortlessly, and in the future will once again be masterminded in-house. The repurchase is scheduled for December.

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