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The continual duel of the Premier League goes to the next round: On Sunday, Liverpool Manchester City – live on Sky Sport 1 HD. It comes to the clash of the dominant forces in English football – as in the year before suggests a duel for the title.

On the sidelines stand the two most influential figures of recent years: Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. Sky compares the two coaching luminaries:

The Klopp-Pep comparison

Jurgen Klopppep Guardiola
Final balance5/9 won20/24 won
Direct comparison8 victories7 victories
Transfer expenses (since 2016)€ 437.88 million€ 777.59 million
Points per game2.012.39
Goals per game2.182.64

The numbers speak for Pep, he is the much more successful coach. His cup collecting rage is unparalleled. In all competitions Guardiola wants to win a cup in the cup is out of the question for him. Jurgen Klopp thinks otherwise: His teams are keeping their energy and focusing on individual goals. Almost traditionally, Klopp makes limited competitive youth troupes in the English Cups.

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Klopp over hot-dog guys – Liverpool against Manchester City

And in finals, Pep teams are hard to stop. The maximum success is bought with plenty of money for suitable players. Also Klopp proved on the transfer market as no child of sadness, the old Dortmund restraint he has filed. But Guardiola buys in other spheres and that in almost every transfer phase. But those are not the only differences between the two coaches.

The desire of the other

Klopp won the Champions League last season, Guardiola the Premier League. By the way, the Catalan also dusted off both League Cups. The opponents would like to swap trophies this year: Liverpool longs for a championship, the Reds thirsty for 29 years after the league crown. Painfully, Liverpool missed the title on several occasions: the Gerard slip-up in 2014, the unnecessary draw in 2009 or the spectacular point race of last year. Always second only.

On the other hand, Guardiola demands international recognition. National does not make him anything: Ten seasons played Pep teams so far, eight times he won the league. But the Champions League bothers him. In 2011 he won her last with Barcelona, ​​since then he does not get beyond the semi-finals. At its stations in Munich and Manchester the king class triumph is always the unspoken goal.

Darling of the masses vs. Darling of the bosses

Klopp delivers emotions and Pep delivers results. This is very simplified, but it hits the heart of the matter: The football of Jurgen Klopp is always a spectacle. Games with Liverpool involvement weighed back and forth, the decision is often only in the last minutes. Including last season, Liverpool scored 23 goals in the last ten minutes – no one else is so good late.

Under Klopp's direction, his teams created several football wonders – his teams can outgrow him. That makes him an absolute fan favorite, even enemy supporters find it hard not to like the beamman Klopp. The football of Guardiola is sober. More designed for control and dominance. Peps style has fewer opportunities for mistakes. That adds up to more silverware for the bosses, but not so exciting stories in the field.


Liverpool vs Manchester City: Klopp over Guardiola

Emotion vs. tactics

Also Klopps football follows clear tactical requirements: Gegenpressing and attack-like counterattack. But the German leaves a lot to the individual class and creativity of his players. That's why Mane, Salah and Firmino are so hard to stop. The Reds are able to play into a frenzy, especially in Anfield. There is then emotion anarchy – with an open outcome. Guardiola fears just such games: When the control and laboriously learned automatisms are thrown overboard. The strength of his team are possession and factual dominance.

That's why Klopp teams are not him, the direct comparison speaks just for the German. Individually, the Skyblues are basically superior to any opponent. Peps tactics bring that amazingly often on the lawn. In the season so far, his team won twelve times with two or more goals distance. As for the winner, Pep reluctant to give up tension.

The last match of the two teams in the league went to Manchester City: Leroy Sane sealed with his 2: 1 hit the victory of the Skyblues. Exactly these points were missing Liverpool at the end of the season for the championship. With joy Guardiola would give this year again the Title vermieser. Even though his biggest goal this year is European.

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