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Turkey wants to deport a German fighter of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) on this Monday. Interior Ministry spokesman Ismail Catakli said, according to state news agency Anadolu. A Dane should be deported on Monday, he said. An American IS fighter had already been returned. "In this respect, the deportation of three foreign terrorist fighters from our country is guaranteed today."

In addition, Catakli announced to deport seven German -born IS fighters on Thursday. They have German nationality. Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu had announced the return of IS fighters on Friday.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday in Berlin, seven should arrive on Thursday, and then two more German citizens on Friday. It is a total of three men, five women and two children.

There are indications that two of the women were in Syria. For the other Germans, this could not be ruled out. But it is still not clear whether all of them relate to the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). For another person, which should be deported from Turkey to Germany on Monday, there is no IS connection.

More than 1000 IS supporters in Turkish prisons

As the German press agency learned, at least two of the women from the camp Ain Issa in Syria have erupted. Four of the five women were reportedly arrested last week in Turkey. One of them is reportedly from Hamburg.

According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, there are currently 1,149 supporters of the IS in Turkish prisons. Of these, 737 are foreign citizens.

The communications director Erdogans, Fahrettin Altun, had told the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" that Turkey also wanted to deport 20 German IS supporters.

Asselborn accuses Turkey of endangering Europe

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has warned Turkey about threats to Europe's security and the Middle East region because of the planned repatriation. "It must be absolutely prevented that these barbarians are released again," said Asselborn on Monday at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. Therefore, "Turkish orders" in the question are not appropriate.

Asselborn warned against endangering the success of the international coalition against the IS. If the result of years of effort, "that these people are running free again, then the whole thing has been nonsense". He called on Turkey to coordinate with NATO and EU partners on the issue.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (l) and his Luxembourg counterpart Jean Asselborn speak at a meeting of …Photo: AFP

Maas demands information on terrorists "fast and in detail"

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has asked Turkey to provide information for a legal action against the returnees before the deportation of IS fighters from Germany. Ankara must pass on the information "quickly and in detail" said Maas on Monday in Brussels. The aim was "to have enough court-proof evidence to detain someone and bring them to justice."

The federal government is currently "in dialogue with the Turkish authorities," Maas said after the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. "For us, it is still important to know if there is a connection to IS hostilities. If that is the case, we want to ensure that those in Germany have to answer before the German courts ".

Maas rejected that Germany would now be blackmailed by Turkey with the IS fighters. "I do not know what to do with blackmail now," he said. In addition, the Foreign Minister pointed out that "things" by the Turkish military offensive against the Kurds in northeastern Syria have "changed".

Turkey sees Europe as responsible

Turkey started an offensive against Kurdish militia YPG on 9 October, which it considers a terrorist organization. During the Turkish military offensive, 287 IS supporters were arrested, including women and children, according to Soylu.

In northern Syria, Turkey and Russia, as the protector of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, have come to an agreement to jointly control the border strip previously fought over between Kurds and Turks. The SDF led by the YPG have withdrawn according to Russian data.

Several European countries have so far refused to retrieve IS supporters who have been captured by the SDF in northern Syria.

Soylu has in the past accused European allies of Turkey, such as Great Britain or the Netherlands, of shirking responsibility by denying IS fighters nationality and refusing to take them back. (dpa, AFP)

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