March against Islamophobia: the yellow star worn by a young protester is controversial



SYMBOL – A photo taken during the march against Islamophobia in Paris on Sunday and published by Senator Ecologist Esther Benbassa provokes outrage from political and religious leaders. There are many participants, including a child, wearing a crescent moon and a yellow star, echoing that worn by Jews during the Second World War.

"Jews of today's Muslim today." This was the message of some participants in the march against Islamophobia, which was held this Sunday in Paris. To symbolize it, some of them displayed on the torso a yellow star contiguous to a crescent moon of the same color. A comparison which made react as well on the side of the political class as in the ranks of the Licra.

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A photo "to vomit" for the Licra

The controversy arose from a publication on Twitter by Senator Esther Benbassa. Under a legend that considers this walk is "calm, good child, warm" and "citizen", the elected EELV shares a photo where a girl carries the yellow star in question. An image that Alain Jakubowicz describes as "to vomit". The president of the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Licra) reacted by saying that those who "tricked" the girl were "dishonored".

On the side of the majority, we see in this picture that of an "instrumentalized" child. "This comparison is indecent", is offended as Aurore Berge, the spokesperson of LaREM. "The situation of the Muslims of our country is in no way comparable to that of the Jews in the 30s / 40s."

Francois-Xavier Bellamy, he goes even further, deeming "lamentable" the "slogans" and "images" of this march, which should "cause a unanimous condemnation." "How not to be amazed, in particular, to see French parade with a yellow star – and among them, elected officials of the Republic?", Wrote the MEP Les Republicainon Twitter.

Esther Benbassa refutes all anti-Semitism

A controversy that the main interested party quickly responded on Twitter. Emphasizing that she herself, as a Jew, "devoted (her) life to writing the history of (his)", especially in three books, she did not backtrack.

If she admits that the "condition of the Jews in the dark years and that of the Muslims today are not comparable", she persists and signs: the fact that the latter "identify with these past sufferings" is "quite understandable". And respond to criticism by arguing that they were born of a "desire" to "dirty" the event.

Asked about LCI, Esther Benbassa declares not to see "why this star is reprehensible", stating that it was a yellow star with five branches and not six like the star of David. The senator EELV of Paris adds to be "pained, outraged of this process to tarnish a demonstration which happened in the best conditions."

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