News from Germany: Eleven year old beaten and filmed on the way to school


Lubeck: Eleven years old beaten up on the way to school and filmed

On the way from the bus stop to the school, on Monday morning, an eleven-year-old boy was intercepted and beaten up by three teenagers. As reported by the police, one of the perpetrators suddenly punched the student several times in the stomach. His two suspected accomplices allegedly filmed the attack. After that, they fled in an unknown direction. The eleven-year-old called the ambulance service under respiratory distress and was taken to a hospital for further examination. The police are still looking for the suspect.

According to the description, it should have been about 1.70 to 1.75 meters tall, male adolescent with brown hair at the age of about 15-16 years. At the time of the crime, he was dressed in eye-catching red sports shoes, black jeans, a black jacket and a black cap. He wore large over-ear headphones around his neck and spoke German without accentuation.

Source: Police Lubeck

Dresden: Woman brakes out powerless motorists

The quick reaction of a car driver may have prevented a worse accident on Monday in Dresden. As the "Saxon newspaper" reports, a 19-year-old is said to have collapsed unconscious at a traffic light at the wheel of his car. A woman in the car behind it apparently noticed that, sitting down directly in front of the young man's car and bringing the car to a halt. The unconscious driver was taken to hospital. At the two cars was only sheet metal damage.

Source: "Saxon newspaper"

Munich: 23-year-old squeezed by elevator

In Munich, a 23-year-old woman was caught in a lift and seriously injured. She had been trapped between the driver's cab and the building ceiling of the second floor, said the fire department in the Bavarian capital on Monday. Rescuers lifted the elevator cab with a crowbar so far that the woman could be released. How it could come to the accident, should now determine the police.

Source: AFP

Lubeck: 20-year-old dead recovered from Lake Eutin

The corpse of a young man was found on Saturday in the city bay on the large Eutiner lake. The Eutiner Kriminalpolizei and the Lubeck public prosecutor's office have started the investigation into the cause of death. Witnesses saw the corpse drifting in the water of the Eutin Bay in the afternoon, informing the police and the ambulance. Firefighters fired the lifeless body out of the water. According to police, it is a 20-year-old man from Eutin. By order of the public prosecutor Lubeck this was spent to determine the exact cause of death in the Lubeck Rechtsmedizin. To clarify the exact cause of death, the prosecutor has requested an autopsy.

Source: Police Lubeck

Wolfenbuttel: Motorist drives honking past a memorial service

Through honking several times, a motorist in Wolfenbuttel, Lower Saxony, obviously deliberately disturbed a commemoration of the Reichspogromnacht. According to police, police forces promptly intervened on Monday and initiated proceedings against the 18-year-old. They also wanted to clarify the question with the driver's license, whether the man is "character appropriate" to drive a car. The incident occurred on Saturday during an event commemorating the anti-Semitic pogroms of 9 November 1938. According to police, the driver drove past it twice and honked loudly.

Source: AFP

Warendorf: Unknown steal aircraft from carousel

Unknown have stolen in North Rhine-Westphalia several aircraft of a children's carousel. The unfit for air minivans disappeared on Sunday evening from the back of a showman's truck, which stood on a parking lot in Sendenhorst, as reported by the police in Warendorf on Monday. The offender or the offenders may have transported their unusual loot with a car. The police are looking for possible witnesses.

Source: AFP

Dallgow-DOberitz: 32-year-old overrun after fog accident

In a serious traffic accident, a 32-year-old died on Sunday evening on the main road 5 in the district Havelland (Brandenburg). As several media reported on Monday, he is in a dense fog with his vehicle initially driven against the guardrail. Accordingly, he got out of the car afterwards. Several subsequent cars could not brake in time and rolled over the man. As the "Markische Allgemeine" writes, the woman and three children witnessed the accident. The 27-year-old suffered a shock that the children had been injured. According to police, the view on the main road 5 near Dallgow-DOberitz was severely limited because of fog.

Source: Markische Allgemeine

Furth / Bavaria: posters hung in the wrong Furth

A poster has confused the two places Furth in Bavaria and Hesse. Two large posters in Furth in Hesse are now promoting a performance by the Moscow Ballet in the Stadthalle – but unfortunately there is no town hall in the small community in the Odenwald. Meant was the city Fuerth near Nuremberg. "This is a completely human error," says Heike Weyrauch of the event agency Art-Trends on Monday. "He will be corrected now." The "Nurnberger Nachrichten" had first reported on the confusion. In the two places this makes for laughs, because it is not the first time. For example, the city councils often receive mail that should actually go to the other Furth.

Source: DPA

Ohlstadt: Missing senior women discovered in a pub

Two seniors have on Sunday triggered a major deployment of police, mountain rescue and fire. As the police announced on Monday, the two residents of a retirement home in Oberau had "driven by the instructions of the nursing staff" by train to a neighboring village to migrate from there. When the 72- and 80-year-old women had not returned by the afternoon, rescue workers began a search. A total of 120 forces, including a rescue dog squadron, were therefore in use. After clues from passers-by, they finally came to the two retirees on the track. The ladies had returned to a tavern in Ohlstadt – about twelve kilometers from the retirement home – and had made themselves comfortable there. Among other things, the "Frankenpost" reported on the case

Source: "Frankenpost"

Dusseldorf: Woman wants to smuggle rotten cowhide

Seven inches of rotten and damaged by maggots Cowhide has ensured the customs at the Dusseldorf airport. The officials could have perceived the unpleasant smell from the suitcase of a Wuppertal from afar, reported a customs spokesman on Monday. On request, the travelers stated that it was a delicacy from Cameroon. Your family will eat the "soft skin". It did not come to that: The two plastic bags with the disreputable content were already secured a few days ago. The city of Dusseldorf will destroy the skin. The costs will be borne by the travelers.

Source: DPA

Bergkamen: 54-year-old should have killed his wife

A 54-year-old is said to have killed in Bergkamen near Dortmund, according to initial findings of the investigators his 50-year-old wife and then himself. The corpses were found by the children of the couple, who would have been worried, a spokesman for the Dortmund prosecutor said on Monday. The woman was therefore found dead on Sunday evening in the shared apartment, her husband in the basement of a house in the neighborhood. The couple have three children together, said the spokesman. In the past, there had been frequent arguments between spouses. Further information did not make the investigators initially.

Source: DPA

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