OM | The anger of Aulas after the bus stop of Lyon in Marseille: "We arrived in a city of lawlessness"


Jean-Michel Aulas does not fool. After threatening not to dispute the match when arriving at the stadium, where the bus Lyons was pebbled, the President of the OL made strong proposals at the end of the game. "The match gave a deplorable image of football in its context of passion and reaction. That is to say when one tries to impress before the players, the leaders, with a pressure that is not contained", he said on Canal +.

"Congratulations to Marseille for having put a fantastic pressure on having conditioned the little ball-gatherers so that they no longer give the balloons, to make the pressure be immense. Now it's true that Marseille won (2-1, ed) we will not challenge it. But there are big arbitration errors and pressure that is too big. When the bus is broken to order to impress, it's a pity. But that does not detract from Marseille who made a very good match, he added. I watched social networks all afternoon. I saw that there were a lot of directions that were given, from appointments to waiting for the bus to pebble it. If from there, the people who are responsible want to know who, they will find it. I will not ask anything at all, the general manager of the League (Didier Quillot, ed) was present"

Before concluding on Bein Sports: "We have arrived in a city of lawlessness where everything is possible. "

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