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The turquoise-green government negotiations are no longer in the way. After the Greens the day before, OVP chairman Sebastian Kurz also gave his blessing to the respective talks. Before that, he had fetched the unanimous approval of country and federal leaders of the People's Party.

Like Green Party boss Werner Kogler the day before, Kurz made it clear in a press conference that the talks did not automatically have a positive outcome. Today's decision is not the end of the process. It will not be easy because the positions of the two parties are very, very different. Tomorrow there will be a conversation between the two party leaders at the beginning of the coalition negotiations.

Kurz excludes parallel negotiations

Does this (or something similar) look like the new government? The probes of OVP and the Greens will now negotiate. - © Reuters, Leonhard Foeger

Does this (or something similar) look like the new government? The probes of OVP and the Greens will now negotiate. – © Reuters, Leonhard Foeger

How long the coalition negotiations could go on, Kurz left open. "It can take longer," he said, making it clear that the two months with the FPO 2017 would not be possible this time. It is safe to say: "We do not intend to conduct parallel negotiations."

One of the two existing options (the other would be the SPO, at the FPO he referred to their initial clear opposition post-election course) was decided on for those negotiating with the Greens. They wanted to pursue this "purposefully, consistently, with full commitment," said Kurz, and also "honest and respectful."

Once again he emphasized the great differences between the two parties. The Greens have strong positions in the environmental and climate sector, with which the OVP is not easy, but for the Greens were elected. On the other hand, this is also the case with the OVP, namely in matters of migration, security or location and tax policy.

"Creativity necessary"

Therefore, according to Kurz: "If we can reach an agreement with the Greens, then in any case a bit of creativity will be necessary." Here and there it will therefore have to be or have to be a new form of governance.

To Kogler was the basis of discussion a very good. The Greens leader has a lot of political experience, albeit with a different character and a different approach. The talks were always very respectful.

"Results open process

At the beginning of his statement, the soundings with SPO, FPO, Greens and NEOS were briefly reviewed. After their graduation on Friday he had a lot of phone calls and met with country party leaders and fraternal leaders. The result: "We all made the decision together, which was unanimously agreed, that we enter into negotiations with the representatives of the Greens."

This is "not a conclusion, not an end result, but that is the open-ended beginning of a thoroughly challenging process". He was aware that many people would like to know how the next federal government will put itself together: "At the same time, I have to say that this certainty for today can not exist yet."

Hofer: "The OVP leaves the center-right course"

"The OVP leaves the center-right course in the government work and delivers Austria to the Greens," commented FPO Federal Party chairman Norbert Hofer the decision. "The economy is collapsing and we therefore need an offensive location policy, a reduction of bureaucratic hurdles and the tax burden and not new tax fantasies and prohibition ideas. (…) In addition, there is a new onslaught of economic refugees – mostly young men," said Hofer.

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