"Plan B": how insects can save millions of lives


video From fields in Africa to some farms in the Paris region, farmers use insects to control other insects that are pests in their crops. An alternative to pesticides as effective as spectacular.

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Millions of lives saved by insects? This is what happened in Africa in the early 1990s, thanks to the introduction of micro-wasps in manioc fields ravaged by cochineal. According to some studies, the method would have saved twenty million people from famine.

At Gally Farm near Paris, farmers believe a lot in this all-pesticide alternative. Their hero: the typhlodrome, a hyper-effective insect to fight against mites that may ravage their apple trees.

The video team World met the discoverers and users of this method as effective as spectacular.

PLAN B, the new video rendezvous of Worldevery Sunday at 9:30 pm. As close as possible to the field, in France and around the world, go out and meet those who are taking up the environmental challenges of today.

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