Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shifting Tides: Kali and Wamai are the new operators


Ubisoft has introduced Operation Shifting Tides for Rainbow Six Siege. Shifting Tides will complete the fourth year of the game after Operation Burnt Horizon, Operation Phantom Sight and Operation Ember Rise. Operation Shifting Tides will most likely be released in early December.
Operation Shifting Tides includes two new operators: Kali and Wamai. The attacker named Kali uses the sniper rifle "CSRX 300", whose shots can penetrate seven "soft walls". It also has an underflow grenade launcher that will shoot the LV Explosive Lance (her gadget). After the time-limited explision, the "LV Explosive Lance" mainly destroys gadgets from other operators. New defender Wamai uses magnetic devices to capture grenades and reset their "timers".

The two operators will be released at the release of Operation Shifting Tides initially for holders of the fourth year pass. A week later, all other players can buy the operators with reputation or R6 credits. In addition, the "Theme Park Map" (amusement park) will be revised.

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