Samsung: Dirt causes billions of dollars in DRAM production


samsungAccording to Samsung, Samsung has been struggling with contamination in the production of DRAM chips in recent weeks. The chipmaker states that contaminated equipment meant that numerous wafers had to be disposed of, resulting in billions of won worth of damage. However, only a smaller DRAM production was polluted, so not the entire production had to be stopped. Specifically, it should be DRAM chips of the 1x nm class on 200 mm wafers.

Samsung is currently unable to give a precise indication of the damage incurred. Currently one is still investigating the extent and to carry out corresponding calculations. How it finally came to the contaminated equipment, is currently not known. Presumably, however, Samsung has received the polluted equipment from suppliers. However, especially in the production of chips, special attention is paid to cleanliness. Due to the fine structures even the smallest dust particles can cause a defect in the chips. Therefore, these are also produced in appropriate cleanrooms.

Samsung had to contend with contamination of DRAM production earlier this year. With the second incident in the same year, Samsung certainly strikes hard. After all, production can not be restarted easily after such an incident. First of all, extensive cleaning work has to be done, which takes a lot of time. However, Samsung has already completed cleaning and production has started again.

It remains to be seen whether the prices for DRAM chips will increase due to the forced production stop. However, as it was a smaller manufacturing facility, the impact on the market could be rather small.

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