Social Democrat Ebling remains governor of Mainz


DThe race for mayor's office has been decided. Incumbent Michael Ebling (SPD) can continue to work in the future in the armchair of the Town Hall Chief. In the runoff he has clearly prevailed against the independent candidate Nino Haase.

Thorsten Winter

Business Editor and Internet Coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

After counting all 103 constituencies, the incumbent has won 55.2 percent. The lead, however, had been about eight points larger in the earlier course. Later, Ebling's share stabilized at more than 55 percent. As the last voting districts ran one of the eleven in the upper city, which has clearly gone to the acting city hall chief.

In the district of Marienborn with its two constituencies, Haase has won, with 51.8 percent. Also in Weisenau, with 52.8 percent and Lerchenberg with 50.4. In the small Drais, the challenger has won 56.3 percent. In contrast, the new city proves to be a stronghold of the incumbent. He comes there to just under 68 percent. In the old town he combines 59.9 percent. He is even better in Mombach in the race. The eight districts of Hartenberg have won Ebling with a good 57 percent. In Bretzenheim he comes to 56.4 percent.

Cheers: Pleased SPD followers on the incoming results


Voter turnout was weak. 162,000 Mainz were called to the ballot. But not even half of them used this democratic right. 65,153 voters participated, 35,752 of them voted for Ebling, 29,029 for Haase.

In the first ballot two weeks ago, the incumbent took the most votes with 41 percent. The 36-year-old Haase came, supported by CDU, ODP and free voters to 32.4 percent. The Green candidate Tabea RObner, a member of the Bundestag, however, retired with 22.5 percent of the vote from the race.

According to dpa, the runoff was weaker than the first ballot. By 11 clock had voted 22.3 percent of voters, after 24.7 percent two weeks ago.

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