Tedesco at FC Schalke 04 "in drawer, in which I do not want to be"


Bundesliga offers rejected

The former Schalke coach Domenico Tedesco (photo) could own statements after his signature at the Russian first division Spartak Moscow also work again in the Bundesliga. "Without going into detail: There was, yes," said the 34-year-old in an interview with the "kicker" about possible alternatives. "From abroad, but also from the Bundesliga."

At the 1st FC Cologne and the 1st FSV Mainz 05 is now looking for a new coach at short notice. Nevertheless, he does not regret the move to Russia, where Tedesco trains, among others, the 2014 World Champion Andre Schurrle. "No, I do not think so," said the coach, who had to go to Schalke last March. "I could have worked in the Bundesliga. But the chance of coaching such a big club overseas is extremely appealing. "" Every club has its individual appeal, but at Spartak, I was simply convinced it was the right move. "

The capital club was "in no way a step backwards for me," said Tedesco, who signed a two-year contract with Spartak in mid-October. "I'm not the guy who planned his career on the drawing board. For me it is not about whether I disappear from the scene in Moscow. It's all about whether I feel a task as sexy. "

Spartak Moscow in Russia for Tedesco as "Bayern for Germany"

Spartak was a "really big club", as Tedesco said during a site visit: "I just wanted to get the best possible impression of everything. One is to read about it – the other is to experience and feel it locally. That's when I realized quickly how important Spartak really is. This is the largest and most popular club in the world's largest country, an absolute house number. Spartak is for Russia, which is about Bayern for Germany. "

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Both sides finally decided on a contract until 2021. "The club had offered me a long-term contract. But I found this the fairest solution, "said Tedesco. "So both sides can get a better picture of each other first. I am also not the type who wants to use a club as a springboard, the people responsible have noticed quickly. I can well imagine staying longer with Spartak. "

Spartak is currently ranked sixth with 21 points, but is nine points behind the points for international business. "We have one of the youngest teams in the league. On the one hand, this means that everything can not work right away, but on the other hand, that development opportunities are very high. That's a nice atmosphere, "said Tedesco, who found words of praise for Schurrle:" He is a fine, honest and open type. He does the team well and goes ahead, the young players look up to him. Andre is an intelligent player who knows exactly when to start or attack deep trails. "

The end at FC Schalke 04 was not easy Tedesco. "It's no secret that I felt very comfortable there. That's why it has not left me untouched, but I've spent half the year working hard to get it all done. My batteries are full again, "said Tedesco, who will always be a Schalke fan.

Schalke-off at Tedesco "not left a trace"

Due to the five defeats at the beginning of the season 2018/19, the Royal Blues "immediately got into a whirlwind". "That scratched your self-confidence. Of course we tried to develop the team in a playful way, but unfortunately that did not work out as we all wished for, "explained Tedesco. "One of the reasons for that was that with Leon Goretzka, Thilo Kehrer or Max Meyer we lost players we could not replace, if at all."

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Tedesco himself resisted the stamping, he put great emphasis on the defensive. "It has always been with me: we want to play forward courageously and score many goals," said Tedesco. "So far, I have not focused on the defensive at any station (…). That's not my approach. Through the time at Schalke 04 I somehow got into a drawer in which I do not want to be and with whom I also do not identify myself. "

As a reason, Tedesco leads the "nature of the game", which was also dependent on the Schalke strikers. "That was often not a well-groomed short-game, that's right. We used a lot of the second balls and got a lot of impact, "says Tedesco. "But it was not that we were anxious to park the bus in front of our gate. Anyone who thinks we have always stood low, to which I must say: This is a very undifferentiated approach. "Schalke have" stood very far in front of their own goal ".

About the development on Schalke Tedesco is pleased. "I never doubted there was potential in this team. I'm glad that this is now becoming clearer and the guys are showing their qualities. "There is still contact with the royal blue leaders. A future at Schalke? "You can not plan anything in football, so I'm not worried about it. I can say that Schalke will always be a special club for me, "said Tedesco.


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