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If the majority of the reservations is made without a hitch on Airbnb, n1 of the hiring between individuals, you are not necessarily bred of a bad surprise. To avoid worries, here are the essential precautions to take when renting accommodation on the platform.

You hope to spend a week in a beautiful villa on the Mediterranean coast but when you arrive, you see that the house does not exist Lannonce was a cozy and cozy apartment but once on the spot you discover a housing of 15 m2 in the basement and without heating These misadventures are not the same as others and you could one day be charged for a dishonest host or a crook. To protect yourself against a bad surprise, here are 6 items to check systematically before clicking on Rserver and paying on Airbnb.

1 / Read the guest reviews, previous travelers

Before booking a holiday accommodation, it is better to relax with the travelers who have already stayed there. As a rule, the more an ad has a lot of comments, the more you can be reassured. Of course, it is quite possible that some opinions are bogus, that they have been posted by the renter himself (lhte in the Airbnb vocabulary) under a false identity or by relatives. But in practice, only travelers (guests, translation: guests) who have actually paid and stay in a home can submit an opinion, as explained Airbnb: Users are publicly valid and can not leave a comment once the reservation ends so that the comments are based on real experiences. And so the more comments there are, the less the risk that they are all wrong.

Also be attentive to the possible responses of the host to the notices. If he shows himself to be racial, that he takes the trouble to answer the remarks or grievances of the travelers, you can hope to have in front of you a real person.

2 / Check the location on Google Map / Google Earth

The exact address of the accommodation does not appear directly on the advertisement before booking. But a map allows to visualize the tight zone where it is located. If the advertisement mentions for example a swimming pool in the garden of a dwelling located in the sector of Lambezen Crozon and that you do not see any blue spot on Google Earth during a search, ask yourself the question of the existence of the swimming pool If the description of the accommodation a residential area but you see on Google Street View that it is actually in an industrial or commercial area, go your way

What Airbnb does to control offers and their authors

Asked by MoneyVox, the company Airbnb explained to us how it detects false announcements from a sophisticated system that instantly values ​​each ad against hundreds of risk signals, such as the reputation of the host, the templates of messages predefined, the duplicate photos and other discrepancies, all using data from millions of ads. When the probability that an ad is false is high, we automatically block it online or delay it for further analysis.

In addition, the US platform can also carry out controls on the identity of the hosts: The verification of the identity can be required when we detect a problematic or suspicious behavior. Some backgrounds are also explored: No control system is perfect, but we check to see if people and travelers from all over the world are on watch lists for regulatory, criminal or terrorist cases. For guests and travelers who reside in the United States, we also carry out criminal record checks.

3 / Contact the renter via Airbnb internal messaging

If in doubt, do not contact the owner of the accommodation before booking. And this only via Airbnb's internal messaging. You will then be able to ask him all your questions about housing, its exact location, nearby amenities and try to check if it is serious or not. If he mentions his email address in a private exchange on Airbnb, do not contact lhte directly from your email Gmail, Hotmail, Orange or other. This is often a way used by crooks to get you out of the Airbnb platform, get your email address and then set up a strategy to scam you. Because once out of the site, your transactions are no longer safe

4 / Explore lhte's profile

To better know the person with whom you will potentially stay, do not visit his profile on the Airbnb site. In addition to the description of herself and her place of residence, you could learn interesting things. Does this host rent other apartments (in the same city or elsewhere)? If so, does he have such lenient comments for these other addresses? Is he a fan of last minute cancellation? Indeed, if in the comments of his announcement this message appears: The host canceled this reservation x day before arrival. This is an automated posting (this is an automatic message), it is a rabbit to the tenant and he canceled the transaction before the stay. Not really a sign of seriousness

Does the host himself use Airbnb for his own travels as a guest? If so, are the comments attributed by the owners of the places where he lived are they good? This information may decide whether you trust (or not) the person who posted the ad.

The superhosts system

Airbnb puts forward Superhosts, these renters who have reached a very good score of confidence thanks to the positive remarks of the people who have frequented their homes. Privilgier a superhost is to have a first guarantee on the reliability of the ad. We check the Superhosts business four times a year to make sure that the program puts the spotlight on the people who do their best to provide the best quality of hospitality, Airbnb says. These evaluation periods start on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st, for a duration of 10 days. A superhost must have an average score of at least 4.8 out of 5, a response rate of 90% minimum and a reservation cancellation rate of less than 1%.

5 / Examine the cancellation conditions

On Airbnb, a renter can choose between 3 cancellation conditions for tenants: flexible, moderate or strict. Depending on the case (and the timing chosen by the lessor), the tenant can either cancel his reservation without charge until shortly before the scheduled date of travel, or will have to pay the cost of the first night in case of cancellation a few days before its date darrive, or can only claim at most 50% refund in case of false bond In itself, the chosen option says nothing serious or not the lessor. But if you are worried, for example, to get involved because the housing covets you have not yet reached, you will be more reassured to know that the cancellation conditions are flexible. You will be less likely to pay for nothing if you change your mind afterwards (but be careful though: your cancellation history will be mentioned on your profile). Know anyway that if the housing does not exist or does not match the description at all, you may be able to make a claim against Airbnb, regardless of the hardness of cancellation conditions.

6 / Stay well on Airbnb for payment

When booking a home, Airbnb plays the role of trusted third party between you and the renter. The website secures the payment. The amount owed to you is charged, Airbnb keeps it and pays it to the renter only when you arrive at the premises (and if you have not reported any problem). This system obviously protects you against false ads. It is therefore essential to stay within the Airbnb platform until the transaction is finalized. If the landlord offers to discuss off the site or, worse, offers a reduction by paying by transfer, mandate Western Union or Moneygram, flee It feels the joke full nose.

For payment, if possible, prefer a high-end bank card (Gold Mastercard, Visa Premier) whose insurance covers you in some cases if you can not make your trip. You could be reimbursed for expenses incurred on Airbnb.

What recourse in case of non-conforming rental lannonce?

Airbnb will help you in 3 situations: 1 / If the host does not provide access to housing reserved 2 / If the accommodation is incorrectly described (for example: number of rooms, location, lack of certain equipment) 3 / If the accommodation is not clean, if it is not safe or if the presence of an animal was not communicated before the reservation. If the problem could not be solved directly with the hotel, you have 24 hours after your arrival on the spot to report Airbnb (or as soon as the problem arises if it is being rented). The rental platform will reimburse you (totally or partially depending on the case) or provide sufficient efforts to find and reserve another similar accommodation for all remaining nights of your booking, as specified in its terms of use.

Airbnb in numbers

In January 2019, was the 4th most visited travel site in France with more than 9.2 million unique visitors, behind Booking, Oui SNCF and Tripadvisor. Otherwise, The Parisian announced in September that 8.5million French have used Airbnb from 1 June to 31 August 2019 for their holiday accommodation, a double-digit increase compared to 2018. France is the second largest market in the world behind the United States for the rental platform. The site references 600000 offers in France, including 65000 Paris. Worldwide, 12 years after its creation, Airbnb has reached its 500million passenger in March 2019 and offers 6million homes.

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