the countries to which the Queen has traveled (and there are many)


New destination in sight for Kings of Spain. This Monday, they will set course for Cuba, the only Latin American country that has not visited Felipe VI. Nor are we aware that Mrs. Letizia has been, either privately or, of course, public. It has been written for weeks that the Royal House has not been very funny that Pedro Sanchez has decided to send the Kings to Cuba, and only one day after the general elections.

But duty rules, and Don Felipe and Mrs. Letizia will land throughout the day in Havana, a city in which they have much to know. One of the great advantages of belonging to royalty is that of traveling without limits, and not only enjoying hidden places where you can spend your holidays, also for work. Since he married the then Prince of Asturias in May 2004, Mrs. Letizia has visited a total of 45 different countries.

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This is what Vanitatis has checked after a documentation work. A quite high figure, but much lower than that of Felipe, who as a starter spends the months on a plane. Then we tell you all the countries that the Queen has visited in these 15 years in an official and semi-official way – including real events such as birthdays and weddings. Private would be impossible, since they are already responsible for not revealing their destinies:

(If you hover your cursor over the maps you will see the countries you have visited and the times you have been)

For reasons of proximity, European countries are the most visited by the Queen, both alone and accompanied. His first trip after the actual link went to Hungary, where the Princes inaugurated the Cervantes Institute. Since then, they have traveled most of the countries of the central and western part, being the neighboring territories and the other monarchies the most frequented.

For example, he has been seven times in Portugal, especially in Lisbon; another 7 in Italy, for her role as an FAO ambassador (plus 3 of The Vatican), and also 7 in France, where he has made from a state trip to other minor official visits. Another of your usual destinations is Switzerland, since there it fulfills numerous WHO commitments. As for the other monarchies, he has been in Holland six times, in Belgium three times and in Luxembourg, Denmark Y Sweden a pair. He has not set foot in Norway or Liechtenstein. Is United Kingdom the most assiduous destiny of the Queen, in which she has been up to nine times.

Also highlights Germany, with seven views, and it was his first solo international destination. It is striking that Mrs. Letizia has only been in Greece three times, since it is the land that saw his mother-in-law be born. As for the other countries are Romania, Serbia, Poland and Austria.

Until 2010, Dona Letizia did not know the African continent. I had only been to Morocco, country that has currently visited up to four times. It was for the World Cup South Africa 2010 when he traveled to Johannesburg and it was a useful visit as Spain took the Cup home. Once being Queen, Dona Letizia has visited Senegal Y Mozambique. There he has made two solo cooperation trips.

U.S It is, from all over the world, the second most visited country by the Queen, behind the United Kingdom. There Letizia has frequented the city of New York and has been in states like Louisiana, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and Massachusetts. He has also been four times in Mexico, not counting that he was living there to finish a master's degree when he was young. Central America highlights El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Panama with two visits, and Honduras, Haiti and Puerto Rico Only with one. El Salvador, as well as the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Honduras have visited them on cooperative trips.

Given the good relationship between Spain and Latin America are many times that the Queen has traveled there. The countries in which it has been the most occasions are Peru Y Argentina. Has also stepped on Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay and Colombia.

Her role in the royal family has also taken her to the Middle East: Jordan, which he has visited twice including his honeymoon, Israel, Palestinian Territories and the Arab Emirates. If we go east, he made an official visit to the India and another to China, country where he was again for the Beijing Olympics. We have recently seen her on a state trip to South Korea and in Japan, this being the third time I visited the Japanese country.

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