The gymnastics micro stopped loading gasoline and Maradona revolutionized the service station


Gymnastics took a big step in Mar del Plata by winning 3-0 to Aldosivi, a direct rival in the fight for trying to save himself from relegation. Therefore Diego Armando Maradona danced and even sang in the Lobo's locker room, showing his enormous joy for victory. And on the way back to La Plata, the coach again stole his eyes at a service station …

Yes, while the team of the Platanses returned by Highway 2, the team made a technical stop at Las Armas. And three women from that town, located 111 kilometers from La Feliz, took a souvenir photo with Diego while they loaded fuel to the transporter to gymnastics players.

Diego with the shirts of a Las Armas service station. (@marcelopasetti)
Diego with the shirts of a Las Armas service station. (@marcelopasetti)

Maradona's team has an average of 1,015 and cut distance to the Shark (1,079). He also did the same with Patronato, who fell 3-2 in an important hand against Central Cordoba of Santiago del Estero.

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