The Monarriz era starts – 11/10/2019


With the 3-0 over consummate Argentines, the leaders of San Lorenzo made the decision and ended up with speculation and rumors: Diego Monarriz will continue to lead the squad until the end of the year.
Although it seemed that the arrival of Nestor Raul Gorosito was a fact, the request for compensation by Tigre that forced him to delay his arrival ended up playing against Pipo. Lammens and Tinelli took advantage of the profound improvement that the team showed and the favorable result to confirm the interim DT and close the year without defining Pizzi's successor, and thus evaluate options without haste and wait for the elections of 14/12 to pass.

Thus, this Monday morning, when the team returns to the practices for the match against Atletico Tucuman on Saturday 23, FIFA post date, it could be said that the Monarriz era will begin in San Lorenzo. Is that while the coach was already taking over the team, now he will do so with the authority of having been ratified in office.

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Even Marcelo Tinelli himself acknowledged after the triumph against the Bug that Monarriz has the power to fully serve as a technician and that is why this Tuesday they will meet with him to accommodate the pieces. "On Tuesday we will meet with Matias and Diego to tell us the needs he has or the decisions he intends to make, now as the team coach", threw the 1st vice after the game.

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What can change? From football, it is likely to follow the five and 11 line scheme similar to the last two games. But beware we will have to see what decisions agree with the managers in the future, since it has been talking about restructuring the campus and There are several references that these weeks with Monarriz did not recover ground.

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