They denounce the hand of the United States in France in blow against Evo Morales


Leaders and organizations of the French left denounced today the relationship of the United States with the coup in Bolivia, where President Evo Morales announced his resignation to avoid bloodshed.

'The friends of the United States and the European Union have restored their democracy: pogroms against the natives, beatings of journalists and elected officials, military coup. This is his ideal world, 'the leader of La Francia Insumisa, Jean Luc-Melenchon, warned on Twitter.

For his part, the national secretary of the Communist Party of France, Fabien Roussel, said in a statement that the Bolivian right mounted the fallacy of electoral fraud as a pretext to unleash its violence, a scenario ensured 'by the logistics of US services'.

The France-Latin America Insumisas Group stressed that the coup d'etat is part of the response of Washington and its instrument the Organization of American States (OAS) to the current democratic and social currents in the region.

Thus they intend to curb the peoples who choose an alternative, democratic, environmentalist and social path to neoliberalism, he said in social networks.

The ALBA-TCP France collective also denounced 'foreign and imperial interference in Bolivia', and demanded its termination.

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