Turkey will send back to France eleven French jihadists


Ankara had warned: out of the question to keep in its prisons foreigners who joined the jihadist group Islamic State. Turkey will send eleven French jihadists in the coming days, as part of a campaign of expulsion of foreign fighters of the Islamic State group launched Monday, said the Ministry of the Interior.

"No need to run in all directions: we will send the IS members back to you, they are yours, do what you want," Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said on Friday. specify which countries are affected by this measure. The spokesman of the Ismail Catakli Ministry has clarified this Monday: "An American foreign terrorist was deported from Turkey after all the steps have been completed", without specifying to which destination. According to him, two other jihadists, one German and the second Danish, should also be returned Monday to their country. Seven other "foreign terrorists of German origin will be deported Thursday (…) Proceedings are underway for the next referral of 15 other jihadists: 11 French, two Germans, and two Irish". That's 25 in all.

Long suspected of allowing jihadists to cross its border to join Syria after the beginning of the conflict that has torn this country since 2011, Turkey, hit by several attacks committed by the IS, joined the anti-jihadist coalition in 2015. But Ankara has been accused in recent weeks of weakening the fight against dispersed IS elements by launching an offensive on 9 October against the Kurdish militia of the People's Protection Units (YPG), spearheading the fight against the jihadist organization.

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