Ukraine affair: Donald Trump wants to publish another protocol


Republicans in the US House of Representatives have demanded that the Democrats publicly hear two key figures in the Ukraine affair. The son of ex-vice president Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the anonymous whistleblower must be heard as witnesses, the Republicans said in a Saturday letter to Adam Schiff. He directs Democratic investigations into possible impeachment of US President Donald Trump. For the first time, public hearings of witnesses are planned for next week.

The Democrats accuse Trump of abusing his position so that the Ukrainian government intervenes in his favor in the US election campaign. Trump rejects the allegations and repeatedly speaks of a "witch hunt". The Republicans call the Democrats' investigations one-sided and criticize that as a minority in the House of Representatives they merely suggest but can not summon witnesses.

Whistleblower and Hunter Biden key figures in Ukraine affair

Both the whistleblower and Hunter Biden are among the central figures in the Ukraine affair. Without the anonymous whistleblower, it would not have gotten started. He lodged a complaint with an internal control panel of the US intelligence services over a telephone conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj at the end of July. Trump encouraged Selenskyj to investigate, which could harm his political opponent Joe Biden.

The Democrats also voted to listen to the whistleblower. A few weeks ago, it was said that precautions needed to be taken to protect the identity of the person.

Hunter Biden, on the other hand, is in the spotlight as he worked for the Ukrainian gas company Burisma until last April. Against the gas company was determined at times for allegedly crooked business. Trump accuses Joe Biden of wanting to protect his son from the Ukrainian judiciary as Vice-President by urging the Attorney General's dismissal. Joe Biden rejects the allegations. He is one of the most promising candidates for the presidential candidacy of the Democrats in the November 2020 election, in which Trump stands for re-election for the Republicans.

Trump: "There has never been a president who was so transparent"

The Republicans want to hear from the whistleblower where he got the information for his complaint. Hunter Biden, on the other hand, from his experience with Burisma, could help understand the extent of corruption in the country, the Republicans wrote. If the Democrats fail to meet the demands, that is proof that they refused to lead a fair and just trial. Schiff said the House Intelligence Committee is reviewing the request. US media consider it unlikely that the Democrats will fulfill the "wish list" of the Republicans.

Meanwhile, Trump promised to release the minutes of another phone call with the Ukrainian president next week. "Probably" it will be released on Tuesday, said Trump on Saturday at the military airbase Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington. "There has never been a president who was so transparent," Trump praised himself.

However, it is questionable to what extent this helps the clarification of the Ukraine affair. The telephone call that took place in April following the election of Selensky has not yet played a prominent role in the debate over possible presidential abuse. From the disputed conversation at the end of July, a protocol has been published, but the phone call is not verbatim reproduced.

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