"Uli Hoeneb is about to tear down his own monument"


The Bayern president will vacate his post at the end of the week, but announced that he will again drive out the "Attack Division" in the future. Would that be good for the club? The "duel of the week" with Robert Hiersemann and Florian Wichert.

Uli Hoeneb did not come out of the swarms after the gala to say goodbye. "Fantastic", "dreamlike", "unbelievable" – the 4: 0 (1: 0) of his FC Bayern in the Bundesliga classic against a disastrous Borussia Dortmund will be "forever remembered," said the outgoing Patriarch. With gratitude, he added, "That's how I imagined my departure as President, which was a beautiful graduation." Hoeneb will vacate his post next Friday. As a member of the Supervisory Board he remains the club.

The fight for the championship will continue then. However, without Hoeneb. After nearly 40 years in position on the front line at Bayern ends his era this week.

Hoeneb: "Like a mother hen"

But on Sunday evening announced Hoeneb: "The one or other journalist will have to put up with now that I extend the department attack again, now that I have no official function," he said after the victory of the Munich basketball against Alba Berlin. And further: "Whenever I hear and see inoffensive things, I will guard the club like a baby." A good decision? Or:

Should Uli Hoeneb finally close down the "Attack Division"?

Florian Wichert

Deputy Editor in Chief


Yes, he damaged his own monument

Uli Hoeneb and the "Attack Division": The whole Bundesliga once feared its sharp statements. However, since returning to the post of president in 2016, she smiles at the attacks mostly because they often miss their destination for miles.

When he was re-elected as president Hoeness Dortmund and Leipzig martial "enemies" – for which he had to apologize rightly. A mistake, okay. But even with his statements to Ozil ("He has played a lot of dirt for years") or Bernat ("He played bullshit") tilted the mood.

When he threatened the DFB due to alleged lack of backing for Neuer with a boycott, waved even Bayern fans. And when Hoeneb called in a double pass on Sunday to get rid of his anger over the criticism of Salihamidzic, nobody took him seriously anymore. The reactions? Irritation, compassion and the hope that the man on the phone does not completely tear down his own monument.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when Hoeneb, as announced, guards the club from now on "like a mother hen". After his departure from the first row of Bayern his attacks are then not only out of place – but also irrelevant. Hoeneb should focus on tasks that he is really needed in the future – and be there, for example, as a grandfather for his grandchildren.

Robert Hierseman

Head of football and sports


No, because we'll never get one like him again

20 German Championships, 11 DFB Cup successes and two final victories in the Champions League: That's the record of Uli Hoeneb as manager and president of the German record champion – Hoeneb is Bayern. And of course he is often infected and was considered fans of other clubs as an enemy. But we would not realize what we had on him until he was gone.

Hoeneb himself is the biggest fan of Bavaria on this planet and one of only a few in the Bundesliga who also says in the affair what he thinks. He is impulsive, unrestrained – and genuine. Even his worst critics have to recognize that. Or do you tell me another person in charge, who is so in front of his club? Defended him with skin and hair.

In the future, who would burst the double-pass round of experts on Sunday morning to secure his sports director? Nobody. He only does that.

Generations of German football fans have grown up with Hoeneb as the face and voice of Bayern. Without him and his direct nature, most can not imagine this club anymore.

You can replace Hoeneb in his function, but not as a person. Good that he is preserved.

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