Video. Floods in Dax: a legionnaire paddles in the Splendid car park


The day after a derby won by the US Tyrol rugby team against the US Dax (31-12), the video, posted on Facebook before the meeting on Sunday, November 10 could creak some teeth dacquoises.

Former rugby player, under the colors of the Capbreton club, and domiciled in Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse, Stephane Dubos pays homage, in his own way, to the legend of the Roman legionnaire.

Accompanied by his old dog, saved from rheumatism thanks to the virtues of the thermal waters, this soldier allegedly participated in the founding of Aquae Tarbellicae, the ancient name of Dax.

South West

Photo credit: Stephane Dubos

The Adour in the parking

Accompanied by Ninou, a Yorkshire-Bichon cross-breed, the founder of the Kagnass brand has dressed in a legionary outfit to go paddling on the waters of the Adour in flood.

"Some Breton friends, who come every year for the feria, do not believe me when I tell them that the parking lot where they park can be flooded. There, at the month, they will believe me, explains the forty-year-old.

On board a canoe, the "legionnaire" and his dog perform some distance with rowing in this parking place next to the river and located under the hotels Splendid and Jean-Nouvel of Dax.

South West

Photo credit: Stephane Dubos

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