VIDEO.- The celebration of the day clicks seen from the air


Around 17 hours the doors of the new Students Stadium opened at 1 and 57 today. From that moment, the planned activities that were received with great joy and enthusiasm by the fans and the referents of the club followed.

After a walk on the court and the first musical shows, the fireworks arrived that this newspaper managed to capture in aerial images, as well as the first minutes of the musical interpretation of Johana Rodriguez. Then the presentation of The Authentic Decanters began.

Later, in another great technological deployment, the hologram of a fire lion walking over the stands appeared as on the first day and seemed to guard all the red-headed fans.

Then, Veron spoke to the people and proceeded to the cutting of tapes, this time with players from various times of the institution.

Finally, the game of legends was held with the presence of Marcelo Trobbiani, Jose Daniel Ponce, Ernesto Farias, Julian Camino, Guillermo Trama, Mauro Boselli, Marcos Angeleri, Diego Colotto, Daniel Peinado, Eduardo Flores, Juan Ramon Veron, Miguel Russo, Alejandro Sabella and many others.

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