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Did what he had to do. A video that went viral through Youtube It shows the moment when a brave dog faced a group of sea lions in their natural habitat without knowing that these animals would take a completely unexpected reaction that perplexed the owner of the dog who only watched the action.

It turns out that the master of the animal was walking in the sea in a boat with which he advanced in calm water and the most excited was the small dog that accompanied him, because it seemed that he wanted to jump off the transport at any moment.

Moments later, the clip broadcast on Youtube it shows that both went through a block of stone, where a group of sea lions rested. These animals, seeing them, made noise, which caused the dog to start barking.

Seeing that the wolves did not move, the dog chose to jump from the boat to the rock to continue his powerful barking, which instead of causing the animals to attack him, made them go completely scared.

It should be noted that the behavior seen in the dog is very common in dogs that have a great affection for their owners. In several videos published in Youtube Y Facebook similar scenes to the one described in this note can be found.

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