A lecture by Francois Hollande canceled after excesses at the University of Lille


The conference of former President Francois Hollande scheduled Tuesday at the University Lille 2 was canceled, while it was greeted by boos and violence. The former head of state "regret that this emotion has turned into violence," said his entourage to AFP.

Access to law school has been blocked by students from Tuesday morning from 7:30 to 9 am, reports The voice of the North. The demonstrators came to denounce the precarious student while a young man of 22 years was immolated by fire in front of the CROUS of a University of Lyon last Friday.

Francois Hollande placed in "zone of security"

Between 300 and 400 protesters went to the headquarters of the CROUS in the early afternoon, according to the regional newspaper, to demand "quick measures" and fight against student living conditions, with particular emphasis on the insalubrity of some university residences of the metropolis of Lille.

The protesters then managed to enter the facility around 14:00, thanks to students already present in the amphitheater and despite the presence of police on site. Francois Hollande, he was placed in "safe zone".

It was finally decided around 15:30 to cancel the conference, the conditions not being met "for the former president to speak," according to Jean-Philippe Derosier, the professor at the initiative of the event.

"An attack on the freedom to debate"

"There is a legitimate emotion after the desperate gesture of a student in Lyon and the president understands it.It is understandable that some students have seized the arrival of a former president to mediate their claims," ​​writes a close of Francois Hollande in a statement.

"Francois Hollande has always put youth and social justice at the heart of his quinquennium," adds the same source, which recalls the measures of Francois Hollande at the Elysee, in favor of students.

It refers to "the construction of nearly 50,000 social housing units, the increase of 30% of the minimum internship allowance, the creation of help to find the first job to financially support the period of professional integration, the creation of three new levels of scholarships for middle-class students and the re-evaluation of all scholarships ".

Overflows condemned by several politicians this Tuesday night. Minister of Culture Franck Riester reacted on Twitter, to denounce an "intolerable obstacle to the freedom of expression and the freedom to debate!" "They force the doors of an amphitheater, ransack books and prevent a former President of the Republic to express himself in a university," he added.

The first secretary of the Socialist Party Olivier Faure has also abounded on the social network: "To prevent the debate in a university which is the very place of the free controversy is an attack on our common values". According to him, aiming the socialists on student precariousness is irrelevant: "Today, which reflects on student poverty, socialist departments wishing to experiment with a basic income open to under-25s unlike RSA".

The student association UNI Lille (Union Nationale Inter-Universitaire) also denounced the action in the evening. In its statement, the right-wing union denounces "a serious violation of the freedom to debate."

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