a relative throws trouble on his convalescence and accuses the pilot's wife!


It's been almost six years since Michael Schumacher no longer appeared in public. On December 29, 2013, the man who won 7 Formula 1 World Championship titles, is the victim of a serious skiing accident in Meribel. Since then, very little information is circulating about his state of health and we do not know where he is today. In an interview published in the newspaper KOlner Express, Willi Weber, the former manager of Michael Schumacher, speaks. He confesses to being convinced "we'll see him again" and regrets the fact that he can not visit him and take his news.

"She's afraid I'll make the truth public"

If this statement is surprising, the German businessman makes other revelations and they concern Corinna, the wife of Michael Schumacher. "I would like to know how he is doing and shaking his hand or caressing his face, but this is rejected by his wife Corinna, and she is afraid that I will immediately recognize what is happening and make the truth public". Strong words If Willi Weber has no news of his former protege, the Schumacher clan is very close to him. He is careful not to allow visits to an extremely small number of relatives of the Red Bar. Alone Jean Todt, current boss of FIA and friend of the family, was able to go to the bedside of the pilot. If we do not know more about his physical condition, Willi Webber recalls that Michael Schumacher "is a fighter". "If there is a chance, he will use it, it can not be the end."

The latest news on his state of health

The latest information on the health of the former athlete dates back to September 9, when The Parisian revealed the hospitalization of Schumi at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris. Information of the highest importance as the information around the champion's health is secret. Michael Schumacher then spent a few days in the cardiology department of Professor Philipe Menasche where he would have followed a special treatment based on "stem cell infusions" who are supposed to have "an anti-inflammatory action throughout the body". Since then, no other information has filtered.

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