A shameful gesture in Federal 3 (video) – Rugby


The match between Trignac and Saint-Malo was marked by a nasty act by a RCT player, who escaped the vigilance of the referees.

Twelve days of total incapacity for work (ITT), numerous stitches, a head trauma … The third-line of CJF Saint-Malo Rugby finished in a bad state the meeting of Federal 3 which opposed his club to Trignac, last weekend. The flanker Saint was stomped on the head by the No. 10 opponent. A few minutes earlier, according to West Francehe had been involved in a clash that had caused the exclusion of Trignac's semi-melee.

This ugly gesture, the one of which the player of Saint-Malo was victim, escaped the arbitration body. That's why the club allowed itself to upload the video of the incident. "The publication of these videos are not intended to incite hatred and violence towards the player guilty of this gesture, said the CJF. We only want exemplary sanctions towards this player and the Trignac club. "

"If I had only one message to pass, it would be not to feel hatred, or violence towards this player, he is not the only one responsible for this gesture, commented on the victim. Some people, when incited to be violent, can come to this kind of end. Luckily, my helmet protected me, and my face was spared, otherwise I do not dare to imagine the consequences. "

The club Trignac has promised sanctions against his No. 10. "We will never endorse this kind of action and we will continue to fight the behavior of these irresponsible people acting in this way," says the chairman of the RCT.

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