Alaqus ampla his green heritage with one hundred copies of elm


Alaquas will add to its rich green heritage one hundred new examples of elms of the Ulmus minor varieties and hybrid elms between Ulmus minor and graphiosis resistant elms (Ulmus pumilla and others). The donation comes from the Forest Genetic Resources Center, under the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food, at the request of the Department of Sustainable Development of the City of Alaquas.

It is a hundred copies of approximately 2.5 meters high and with a trunk perimeter of between 16 and 20 cm. The ceded trees, valued at 8,200 euros, will be planted contributing to the increase of woodland biodiversity to our municipality.

Currently, maintenance workers are carrying out the revision and renovation of the trees in the municipality. After being subjected to review and seeing its status, six copies of Jaime I Street have been removed. The objective is to avoid risks due to possible breaks and falls to public roads. The trees will be replaced coinciding with the planting work of the one hundred new elms from the Center for Forest Genetic Resources.

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