Anthony Davis again hurt


Injured at the end of October at the shoulder, Anthony Davis again hurt last night against the Raptors. Rest can not be excluded.

While the Lakers just lost their second game of the season last night, we must believe thatAnthony Davis is not 100%. The inside plays even injured after hurting himself against Toronto at the shoulder.

It was during the third quarter that AD hurt himself after a counter. It can be seen that he immediately stands shoulder-grimacing with pain.

Following this action, Davis continued to play and was able to finish the match. But the person confirms that the pain is present. Except he refuses to rest and wants to chain meetings.

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There is no time when I do not hurt. But if I'm on the floor and playing, I make sure it does not affect me. I'm just playing with it, and then I worry about it after the game.

A risky strategy, especially if Davis aggravates the injury. Rest can not be ruled out as the Lakers face the Suns tomorrow night. For the first time, AD could be left behind to let his shoulder heal.

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For now, the old Pelican totally refutes this option. The medical staff examined the star and nothing serious to report. No reason to force Davis to be sidelined.

By the end of October, he had already suffered a shoulder injury. This is not the first time of the season that he must manage this. Nevertheless, his physique still shows his limits and be careful not to shoot too much, especially considering the important season looming.

Pain or not, Anthony Davis wants to play. This can be understood even if the Lakers may have to force him to stay away at certain times if necessary. To be continued.

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