Anti Salvini priest sentenced: "Fine and damage for insults"


The process against him was postponed during the session of September 23 last, but today, November 11, the single judge of the court of Lecco Nora Lisa Passoni has pronounced, condemning him.

The former pastor of Monte a Rovagnate (Lecco) don Giorgio De Capitani will therefore have to pay 7,500 euros, in addition to an additional 7 thousand as compensation for defamation damage against Matteo Salvini.

The disputed facts, and for which the religious had been sued by the leader of the Carroccio, date back to 2015. To be precise, a period between March and October, with specific reference to the content of posts with offensive and defamatory content disseminated from Don Giorgio both on his personal blog and through social networks.

Public Prosecutor Paolo Del Grosso, who had requested one conviction to compensation amounting to 10 thousand euros, he spoke of "defamatory activity repeated over time", as reported by "Lecco News". The magistrate has interpreted the insults and invective as an instrument of attack against a political ideology. "It starts from political dissent, a value in itself that must be protected in our democracy. But the criticism must take place in the ways and within the terms provided by law, without insults and offenses ", concludes Del Grosso.
A thesis that has not convinced the Carroccio's lawyer Claudia Eccher, according to which it is a targeted, heavy, obsessive and repeated attack."I'm offenses ad personam. We do not criticize an ideology but point the finger at Salvini and the Northern League, vulgarizing them, without justification or references to specific political facts or acts ", recalls the lawyer. Not even during the proceedings against him, then, did the religious stop. "An obsessive production of Don Giorgio is never retracted, refusing any offer of good-natured composition, without repentance in tone, indeed, the prelate continued to publish offensive posts even during the phases of this process", the lawyer points out.

Not only that, given the proposal to withdraw the complaint in exchange for an apology and a sum to be donated to the needy, Don Giorgio had responded with a further provocation."He made himself beautiful by saying that he would be ready to withdraw the lawsuit as long as I apologize and disburse a certain amount for the needy. I will retire to a convent to reflect on the proposal, and after a year of silent meditation I will give the answer. offer I have already chosen who to give it to: the first refugees illegal that will arrive in Italy ", he had said in September.

"Idiocy, piece of m *** a, starved, the m *** a recalls m *** a, Salvini is a sketch that went up a little higher, multi-absentee of m *** a ” , recalls Eccher. For expressions like these, as well as for Salvini's wish for death, the religious will now have to pay almost 15 thousand euros.

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