Austria is redrafting the toll near the border


Austria is expected to liberate five motorway sections close to the border with Germany from the toll. The OVP, the Greens and the liberal Neos voted in a committee meeting on Tuesday for a request to do so.

The measure is intended to reduce the avoidance traffic, above all, by German motorists via rural roads. Exceptions are, inter alia, on the Westautobahn (A1) between the Walserberg and the junction Salzburg Nord and the Inntalautobahn (A12) between the border and the junction Kufstein-Sud. The final decision will be taken at the plenary session on Wednesday.

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SPO criticizes the plan

Criticism of the project came from the Social Democratic SPO. "In terms of environmental policy, that makes little sense, and so I was surprised that the Greens have just been involved in such a thing with the OVP," criticized the deputy SPO parliamentary leader JOrg Leichtfried at a press conference on Tuesday.

The draft also permits further exemptions from the toll, which the Minister of Transport can prescribe in agreement with the Minister of Finance. This will burden those motorists who continue to rely on the motorway vignette, so Leichtfried.

Joy in Bavaria

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus SOder (CSU) welcomes the planned after years of dispute by Austria toll relief for several sections of motorway near the border with Germany. That would not be the solution to all problems, but a positive signal, said SOder on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting in Munich. "If it were, I would be glad about it."

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