Bad weather, orange alert in Puglia: gusts of sirocco and thunderstorms. Schools closed in Salento


Rain, thunderstorms, gale winds, and an orange alert for regional civil protection due to hydraulic and hydrogeological risk. For this reason the mayors of Taranto, Brindisi and numerous other municipalities of Salento have decided to close the schools for the whole day.From Tuesday, November 12, bad weather arrives on all of Puglia, starting with Bari. The regional capital – at least according to meteorologists – will wake up under "heavy rainfall" already from 7. And if during the day there will be rain and sunny, the wind is the special observed: the mathematical models of the experts indicate strong sirocco wind with peaks of around 60 kilometers per hour on the city and temperatures between 13 and 19 degrees.

An almost identical scenario is expected throughout the land of Bari as further north, on Barletta and its surroundings, in the territory of the sixth province of Puglia. Rain and sunny spells for Foggia, which however will record the lowest minimum temperature, around 11 degrees; the wind, on the other hand, is moderate: "It will be around 40 kilometers per hour and always sirocco", the experts add.

The worst is southern Puglia. Taranto, in particular. There are "very abundant" rains expected, with about 20 millimeters of water expected for Tuesday, November 12th. A swing of rain and sunny spells for the rest of the day and a very strong sirocco wind. Even over 70 kilometers an hour. For this reason the Municipality of Maruggio has ordered the closure of the schools for the whole day of Tuesday 12 November.

WEATHER Forecasts
Same situation in Lecce, with the wind that will blow around 70 per hour, always from the south, and "very abundant" rains expected between 10 and 13. Heavy rainfall on Brindisi, "on which a very strong sirocco will blow around at 10 am on Tuesday 12 November and at 1 am on Wednesday ".

From the regional civil defense an orange alert for hydraulic and hydro-geological risk started, valid from 8 pm on Monday 11 and for the next 24 hours: "Storm winds are expected from the south-eastern quadrants with strong storm-like storm reinforcements".

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