Chronicle of the 2nd match of the Rugby Huesca League


Rugby is a world sport, in each country it has developed in a different way, in England it is linked to the upper classes and elite clubs, in Welsh rugby was strengthened in a coal mine in Argentina every Sunday the rugbiers go to the club to practice and talk, in the South of France rugby defines each town to each city, in New Zealand it's a religion in Fiji it's a game and in the Altoaragon Rugby is the Bonebreaker Rugby Club, based in Monzon, cradle of athletes. Thanks to its structure the people of this province can enjoy Rugby.

Huesca Rugby played its second match in the Aragonese regional against the Ejea Club and the Gigantes de Navarra two clubs united in a single team for the desire to play oval sport, the Ejea is a historic of Aragonese rugby having played even in the national category . The party was held in the field of the University, former Residence of Children, on a freezing electoral morning.

The Axis – Giants opened the scoring with a play of their three quarters after several errors of plateaus of the high-Aragonese, circumstance that would be repetitive throughout the match (0-7), in the next play he again marked the visiting team taking advantage of this time the mental weakness of the locals (0-12). From here the game changed and Huesca lowered his shoulder and after a play of inertia Fraga managed to rehearse (5-12), on the next play he was about to rehearse the Verdiblanco team but a concentration error caused the player to rock the brand line will be passed, a disappointment that could not be overcome by the premises that, with the time completed, returned to fit a new essay (5-17).

After the cold break the game resumed with changes and rhythm by the high-Aragonese, but an indiscipline caused Guillotinas to be ejected for ten minutes, time that the visiting team took the opportunity to mark two new trials (5-27). The changes motivated the Verdiblancos who after several melee actions managed to rehearse (10-27) and subsequently a Binaced robbery cut the score even more (15-27), but after a new tackle failure the Ejea – Gigantes broke the line Defensive Oscense (15-32), at the end and with the pundonor that characterizes all the teams of the Rugby Bone Bonebreaker, Huesca ended up pushing the rival team scoring a new trial with transformation (22-32) final result.

A third Sunday time watered with Chinchimina closed a good day of rugby.

They played for Huesca Rugby,

  1. Velillas, 2. Fraga, 3. Monsoon, 4. Barbastro, 5. Huesca, 6. Estada, 7. Huesca, 8. Cuarte, 9. Huesca, 10. Binaced, 11. Tamarit, 12. Chibluco, 13. Huesca, 14. Almudevar, 15. Bolea.

The points to the most outstanding players were distributed to Abel, Fraguel and Noel, the “Packettini” of the game was taken by Guillotines for passing the brand zone, the geniuses are unpredictable.

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