De los Cobos: "It's not practical to call Pineda right now"


Denis Pineda, left end of Santa Clara of Portugal, did not appear on the roster of the senior coach, Carlos of the Cobos, for the last two League B games of Nations, before Montserrat and Dominican Republic, on the 16th and 19th of this month, in the Cuscatlan Stadium.

Previously, in League B of Nations, Pineda was, but now the Mexican strategist chooses to dispense with the steering wheel that militates in Portugal.

"Pineda's case has not had participation with his club. He hasn't even been in the bank. It is not summoned. I think that at this moment it is not practical to call Pineda, "de los Cobos argued.

"He is coming from far away. He loses two or three days of training to get there," the coach added.

De los Cobos also argued about the absences of Juan Barahona, of the Sacramento, of the USL and Andres Flores, of the Portland, of the MLS.

"In the case of Andres, his dad is sick and asked me for permission to not be in this call. Then in the case of Barahona it is a technical decision. Jonathan Jimenez is already incorporated, who is the owner and has rendered a lot. Flores Jaco has also done well, "said the strategist.

But it should be noted, after the words of the coach, that Barahona did have continuity with Sacramento. He played more than 15 games as a starter with his team.

To this we must add that, according to his representative, Rodrigo Lara, Sacramento has offered continuity to the national defender. That version was also confirmed by the player. in talk with Sports Grupo LPG last week.


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