Dhorasoo denounces the absence of "blacklist" in Paris in common, the support platform in Hidalgo


Vikash Dhorasoo on the set of "We are not lying". – Screenshot / France 2

Former footballer Vikash Dhorasoo, France's unsubmitted candidate for the municipal elections in Paris, regrets that there is "not a single blacklist leader in Paris en Commun", the platform to support the candidacy of Anne Hidalgo, Monday at the Parisian.

"I am a Parisian" and "I want to defend the working classes, the unemployed, the excluded and diversity. I am very shocked by the fact that there is not a single head blacklist in Paris in common, "says the former player of the Blues, top of the list LFI in pairs with the elected Danielle Simonnet.

"I do not forget where I come from"

"Even though I am a privileged person today, I do not forget where I come from and that I was able to make a career in football because I might have talent because I have a lot worked, but most importantly, because my parents received help and I had access to a stadium when I was young, "adds the one who says he" informally "supported Ms. Hidalgo in 2014.

The outgoing PS mayor has not yet announced his candidacy for a new term, but there is little doubt.

"Candidate of the real left", Mr. Dhorasoo explains having joined Ms. Simonnet because it helped him in his fight "to save the City stadium of the street Burq", threatened with kidnapping last spring by the town hall to the demand of the residents of this area of ​​Montmartre, where he lives.

Asked about the migrants, he said that "everything must be done to relocate and offer work to all those migrants who arrive in the capital. + Decide Paris + will make concrete proposals on this subject after the thematic workshops organized to build our program.

According to the former footballer, Anne Hidalgo "money the public space by supporting for example the project of the North Station. She did not ask the Parisians either if they wanted the Olympics in 2024, "he reproached. "Even more serious, she did not oppose the evacuation of the camp of migrants of the Chapel last week," adds Mr. Dhorasoo who will "invest personal money to start (s) campaign in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.

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