E-scooters: ADAC tests eight models of electric scooters


Borrow or buy? The e-scooters of the sharing services of Limes, Bird and Co. are already driving thousands of people on the streets of the big cities. But who wants to buy his own vehicle, should not resort to the cheap models. This is shown by a recent ADAC test of eight e-scooters. A cheap model even falls through because of gross safety deficiencies.

For the comparison test, the ADAC examined eight e-scooters with prices between 550 and 2400 euros on driving safety, handling, comfort and handling characteristics. The three most expensive models also secured the top three places, including an e-scooter from the automaker BMW. The most expensive scooter in the test is also the test winner with the verdict "good" (1.9). Another three scooters also scored "good". In midfield, the testers rated three scooters in the price segment between 1250 and 550 euros as "satisfactory".

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E-scooter in the test:
More expensive is better

In the last place is the second cheapest scooter in the test: the Moovi ES145 (price: 799 euros). By too small wheels and a folding mechanism with a lot of game, the scooter was unstable according to the testers during the trip and the risk of accidents because of the hard-to-set front brake high. When driving over a curb failed the folding mechanism and in the endurance test it came to break the front suspension – the ADAC rated this scooter with "poor".

None of the tested scooters had a turn signal

The traffic club complains that none of the tested e-scooter has a turn signal. In order to indicate the direction of travel, drivers would instead have to take their hands off the handlebar, making the drive unstable and turning to a dangerous situation. To indicate directional changes instead with the foot is not legal. The ADAC therefore calls on the manufacturers to equip the scooters with turn signals in future in order to increase traffic safety.

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Buyers should also pay attention to sufficiently large wheels. The test showed that they guarantee a more stable driving style and more safety. Another gain in safety are hydraulic brakes on the front and rear wheels. They bring the driver to a stop faster and safer, according to ADAC.

Reaches up to 50 kilometers

Buyers should also look very closely at coverage. These are very different depending on the manufacturer and model (between 20 and almost 50 kilometers) and differed in the test partly drastically from the real values. Also, the possible payload is not unimportant, so the model IO Hawk Sparrow can only carry 88 kilograms, the BMW X2 City, however, 129.

The net weight of the e-scooter should also keep buyers, and especially commuters, who want to take the scooter by bus and train, also in mind. In the current test, two scooters weighing more than 20 kilos were clearly too heavy for that.

The complete result can be seen in the photo gallery.

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