Fdj: Watch out for scammers looking to take advantage of the craze for the French Games



(BFM Bourse) – The Autorite des Marches Financiers has identified several fraudulent sites that allegedly offer the possibility of investing in the capital of the FDJ. The stock policeman calls not to be fooled. Only appropriately referenced Investment Service Providers (ISPs) or Financial Investment Advisors (CIFs) can collect subscriptions.

In the context of an operation as large as that of the Francaise des Jeux, mistrust must more than ever be the watchword against the attempts of crooks, never short of imagination when it comes to abuse the savers.

The Autorite des marches financiers (AMF) has observed since the announcement of the privatization of the Francaise des Jeux a strong interest from savers for this operation. At the same time, the stock market policeman saw the flourishing of several fraudulent websites pretending to offer the possibility of acquiring shares of la Francaise des Jeux without being authorized to do so. In other words, sending money through these false intermediaries means never seeing them again.

Be particularly wary of sites that claim to offer preferential conditions: the conditions of the operation are strictly the same for all the small carriers, no pass-right is possible. In practice, it is best to contact your usual financial intermediary and not venture to exotic sites. Above all, an aggressive soliciting should alert you because European regulations are now very strict on this subject. No serious provider will encourage you to invest in any support before verifying that it meets your objectives and corresponds to your personal situation (see the AMF checklist of the checks to be carried out in case of canvassing).

To make sure that the intermediary offering financial products or services is authorized to operate in France, you can consult the list of authorized investment service providers (ISPs) or the list of authorized intermediaries in the category of adviser. financial investment (CIF). Be careful when checking out: crooks are masquerading as authorized providers, borrowing names from companies on the registry (or by claiming a very close name). These usurpers go so far as to insist that you check their presence on the Regafi directory in order to try to prove to you their "good faith" … The difference is played for example to a letter in addition to the name or the address website internet.

If the claimant does not appear on any of these last two lists, it is obviously not necessary to answer, it is probably a fraudulent site (at best a violation of the regulations).

The AMF has recently launched a new service, "AMF Protect Saving", in the form of mobile application and internet, to better alert and protect savers.

According to the Agency for State Participations (APE), individuals have already asked for about 200 million euros of shares of the French Games, one third of the tranche allocated to them. But we must remember that all subscribers will be housed in the same sign, they have placed their order in the early days or towards the end of the operation (last deadline November 19). The rate of service (the number of titles received in relation to the number of titles requested) will be the same for all, the fastest will not be better served.

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