How Nacho Gonzalez to help the Lion? You can simply inspire it to the title


Lion.- Game against Pachuca, February 24, 2018, 58 min, the change was Miguel Angel Herrera by Juan Ignacio Gonzalez. Nacho was forced to leave due to a knee injury.

Game against Toluca, November 9, 2019, 80 minutes, the change was Ignacio Gonzalez Jairo Moreno. Nacho was cheered and realized that his place was never occupied.

Before the Devils, the voice of the fans asked for it, because the heart of the same fans has him there, nailed as one of the most beloved players in recent seasons.

Within this long recovery, Nacho had an ephemeral return in January of this year, played 14 minutes in the Cup and a few duels in the Tournament of Basic Forces. However, the injuries made him a trick again.

A year and eight months that did not appear in a MX League game. The League is the League and nothing more emotional than seeing a player return to the courts when he has had a hard battle against impatience and the breakdown of the will.

The damn injury

An injury "is more difficult than assimilating a defeat or the frustration of being on the bench," Nacho said at the time he fought against the demons of every injured player.

This phrase of Nacho, personally, I was very recorded. Nothing worse than an athlete gives up mentally and nothing better than beating adversity.

It would be foolhardy to ensure that Nacho is to return as in his best moments when he was key in the ascent and in creating with the Fiera a dream stage that produced a double championship.


However, at 35 years of age, the presence of 35 of the Lion is important both in the team and the hobby itself.

After finishing the victory of the Lion over Toluca, Luis Montes and William Yarbrough were waiting for Nacho a couple of meters from the band line. The picture said it all, hugs among the three 'survivors' of the latest titles to celebrate a moral victory.

Time runs, the FIFA Date is crossed and Ambriz will be able to recover more players who suffered an injury.

The three points on the Devils, one of the worst teams in the tournament, can not blind the Fiera in the details that must still improve in the face of the Liguilla, such as consolidating a better defense, than several of its players, such as Angel Mena and Joel Campbell for my consideration, make constant level of football and this team always plays with the conviction of a candidate for the title.

If there are players in the squad who can inject emerald Fiera latter are the 'Chapito' Montes and Nacho Gonzalez.

We know that as soon as Montes is ready, he will be the owner and will shape his leadership on the field, as we also know that if Nacho Gonzalez stays healthy, from the bench or in the minutes he sees action, he will make his own game and it is there, just with its presence, where 'Corazon de Leon' can be a positive factor in the remainder of the tournament.

Nacho inspires, there is no doubt.

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