Livorno, shock sign against the disabled outside a restaurant: "Offensive baffling"


A cartel against people with disabilities, defined as derogatory "mongoloids", posted at the entrance of a club in Livorno. An insult born as a "ripicca" against an alert to the brigade for a platform considered not up to standard. To take the picture were some indignant citizens, who posted the image on social media to denounce the author. And immediately the message raised a wave of disdain and criticism towards the restaurant's managers, the "Stuzzicheria di mare" in the Venice district. Which then tried to make up for it by apologizing."According to some local idiots (who have seen fit to make a complaint) – we read on the sheet – we at Stuzzicheria would have built a platform of this kind, without having previously been authorized by the Municipality of Livorno (and certainly not free) Now the regret we have is this: unfortunately about 50-60 years ago medical science had not yet invented the Tri Test and amniocentesis, otherwise we would have gladly advised the parents mentioned above to do it well and maybe repeat the exam , and then, given the miserable results, make nothing of them ".
Words that, between points of suspension and offensive allusions, have aroused a chorus of anger and indignation. The municipality of Livorno spoke of a "shameful message": "It is unacceptable – it is stated – that the condition of disability is evoked by someone as an offense. We want to condemn behaviors like these without appeal, which confirm the need to carry on a strong and determined commitment to overcome unbearable stereotypes and prejudices ". Hard words also from the president of Cesvot, Federico Gelli, for which the cartel contains "baffling offenses": "Difficult to find adequate words
to condemn a language so offensive, discriminatory and outrageous – commented Gelli – Now an apology arrives, due but complicated to accept because the offenses aimed at disabled people and their parents this time have been really shameful ". Of" an unacceptable and worrying sign "instead speaks Gabriele Toccafondi:" Not only because it uses the condition of disability as an offense and insult – attacks the deputy of Italia Viva – but because it even reaches the aberration of hoping for eugenic practices to avoid having children born with Down syndrome . The culture of the value of disability and life in general, and the value of solidarity should be one of the foundations of civil coexistence. And instead we see them more and more often ignored and trampled ".

After the controversy, the restaurant apologized with a message on social networks. "Speaking on behalf of the Stuzzicheria di mare, I offer you my sincerest apologies for the post that is running on our behalf. We did not want to offend anyone with this letter – we read – but we wanted to turn to people in particular who unfortunately are putting us on sticks between the wheels from the first day we opened and that between reports and exhibits make us arrive, daily, of the controls that unfortunately for them are in vain, since everything inside our restaurant was first approved by the Municipality and then done "With this we do not try to justify ourselves, but I humbly apologize to those who, rightly, feel caught up in our words. Sorry again."

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