Luis Fernando Tena motivated Chivas as the Tri of the Olympic Gold VIDEO


Guadalajara Jalisco /

Chivas life was played at home against Queretaro and they responded at the key moment, they won 3-2 and arrive at Day 19 with Liguilla options.

Alexis Vega, Chofis Lopez and Alan Pulido took the spotlights with the goals, but nobody saw the key role that Luis Fernando Tena played in the dressing room… Until now. The video was published on YouTube with the coach's words before the key game.

"Our team is doing well, very well and we have to take advantage of these two games, vindicate ourselves with our local people, become strong on our court. The team is doing very well and we will show it since the referee whistles, we have the ball, we are the protagonists and we attack, always starting from the order. This is over, gentlemen. There are two games left and we have to take advantage of them"Tena told his players.

This is one of the most recognized facets of the Skinny Tena, who commanded the Mexican National Team that won the Olympic Gold in London 2012 and in the official documentary that was published on that historical event its capacity to motivate the group was demonstrated, as it is now with Guadalajara.

With the triumph of the weekend, Chivas still aspires to one of the two remaining tickets for the Liguilla and they will close the tournament against the general colero, Veracruz.

In this link We present the combinations of results that Guadalajara requires to be eighth overall. You can also do it through our Simulator.

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