Manchester United could play a friendly against an Ecuadorian team


For many years, Antonio Valencia defended the Manchester United shirt with great success, being an undisputed holder and occupying the right wing.

However, Tono's stay in the powerful British cast came to an end and the experienced player returned to Ecuadorian football.

Liga de Quito was the one who took over the services of Valencia, adding a clause to the transfer that has to do with a friendly match against those of Old Trafford.

In that context, this Tuesday, in statements given to 'Ecuagol', Esteban Paz, director of the capital's club, referred to the aforementioned commitment.

"We are waiting for the confirmation of the date by Manchester United to start working on that project", began outside Paz.

"The structure of the contract in Valencia includes the match against Manchester United. The board of the English team had a reaction of emotion similar to us of wanting to replicate the end of 2008"He deepened.

"Not any player is given the opportunity of a tribute match, for that it has to be an emblematic and that is Valencia. He wants to join his friends from the club case Rooney, Poga and Alexis Sanchez", full.

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