Ordonez brothers win BMX championship in the United States


The little ones of 7 and 10 years became the sensation of the BMX competition which took place in Jacksonville, Florida.

The nationals were imposed in the Florida State Championship, on dates 1 and 2 that had 133 races in which 730 drivers competed.

Fabrizio took second place in his category on the first date, and took first, in the second, among 10 finalists.

While in the Christopher category, 33 drivers participated and he took first place on both dates.

Featured Guatemalans

Guatemala also celebrated others, such as Gabriela Soto, who stood out in road cycling.

The Quetzalteca shone after winning the El Heraldo Tour that took place over the weekend in Honduras.

The also altense, Flory de Leon, stood out in the second position.

The podium was completed by Salvadoran Xenia Estrada. While Linda Menendez was the best Honduran, in fifth place.

In other sports

Over the weekend, athletes of bodybuilding, gymnastics, tennis and soccer stood out for people with visual disabilities.

And it was the achievement of Daniel Patzan, of bodybuilding, that caught the most attention.

The Guatemalan became a two-time world champion by winning the Classic Physique category up to 1.68 in the World Bodybuilding Championship.

While his partner, also national Erick Sanchez, was placed as runner-up in the Classic Bodybuilding category until 1.75.

Both competed in the city of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates.

For his part, gymnast Jorge Vega added two gold medals, on the ground and jump, in the Central American that took place in Guatemala.

Andrea Weedon and Melissa Morales, were crowned champions of the first ITF Women's Future Tournament, also in our country.

While the selection of soccer with people with visual disabilities, it took second place in the Central American Soccer 5 B1.

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