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Not everything depends on his ability with the ball, tactical and physical work also influence performance. Even more when the player is in full training. And although it is already the current figure of Real Madrid, Rodrygo still in formation In the Bernabeu they want to enhance the qualities of the young attacker of 18 years, so they have already designed the road map to enhance their physique.

Rodrygo It shows a thin figure and although its speed is one of its strong points, in the divided balls it has been noticed that it is still difficult for it to get airy. And it is normal, because its strength is in full development. Thus, the plan of the physical trainers of Madrid is that the striker gains muscle mass little by little, so as not to affect his explosiveness, but to enhance it.

The former player of Santos weighs about 64 kilos and the idea is that it reaches 69 next year. As well? With a plan that allows you to gain pure muscle, always keeping a low but adequate percentage of fat. Only what is necessary, about 9%.

It will follow the route of Mbappe

Y in the Bernabeu have been fixed in the Mbappe case. The French broke into AS Monaco also at an early age and sporting a physique similar to Rodrygo, but in a short time he has managed to change radically, which has allowed him to get even more performance in his football. It remains the same (or faster) and with greater power in the grass.

The PSG attacker was designed a plan until 2021, when he turns 21, which is when he manages to complete his muscular development.

“By then, the upper body will naturally strengthen. The shoulders will expand further, the musculature and the lining will finish drawing. And mechanically, Kylian it will gain speed, explosiveness and even technical ability, ”he explained before Russia 2018 began, Marc Westerloppe, former head of recruitment PSG

Kylian Mbappe, its before and after in almost a year and a half.
Kylian Mbappe, its before and after in almost a year and a half.


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