Roberto Bebo Perez is named man of the year in Cleveland


By The Associated Press

11/11/2019 | 02: 10 p.m.

CLEVELAND Puerto Rican receiver Roberto "Bebo" Perez was named Man of the Year in Cleveland.

Perez emerged as one of the most consistent players in his first full season as a starter. After being a substitute for the past five years, he became the headline when the Indians sent Brazilian Yan Gomes to the Washington Nationals last winter.

The Puerto Rican became the first catcher to not allow a single pass in 118 games, since Johnny Bench in 1975.

He only made three mistakes in 1,137 total opportunities, with an ankle that required postseason surgery

Meanwhile, Carlos Carrasco was honored at the same time for his fight against cancer and his service to the community.

Carrasco was awarded the Frank Gibbons-Steve Ollin Good Guy Award which the Cleveland Section of the Baseball Chroniclers Association of North America awards each year, for its relationship with members of the press and its work with the city community.

The Venezuelan pitcher of the Indians was honored along with

Carrasco was diagnosed with leukemia in May. The 32-year-old player was always available while fighting this cancer and his battle was one of the great stories of the season. His choice was unanimously.

He had recently received the Roberto Clemente Award for his charitable work.

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