Sovereignty at the heart of the next PQ campaign


Exit the sovereignist governance of Pauline Marois or the "ostia of good government" of Jean-Francois Lisee. The Parti Quebecois promised, at the end of its refounding convention, to campaign on independence in the next election.

"We are refocusing the political action of the Parti Quebecois on independence. We are first and foremost separatists and, every time we go to an election, it will be clear for all Quebeckers: when they vote for us, they vote for an independentist party, "summed up the new Party President, Dieudonne Ella Oyono, at the closing of the two-day event in Trois-Rivieres.

The 400-odd PQ delegates adopted, after amendments, a declaration of principles that should serve to revive the party after its historic defeat last year. The document defines the four great values ​​(freedom, justice / equity, nationalism and the environment) that will, in the future, guide the actions of the Parti Quebecois.

Despite this solemn declaration, the future leader of the PQ will not be forced to promise a referendum in a first term. "We will not make the mistake of falling back into a mechanic. When we have increased the desire for Quebec independence, believe me, the rest will follow, "said interim head of training Pascal Berube.

In addition to the declaration of principles, the Party took advantage of the event to adopt a simplified version of its statutes, in order to make its organization more "agile". "We want to focus on action, in the field," says Ella Oyono.

After this great exercise of renewal, the Parti Quebecois will undertake this winter an important reflection on its brand image. Both the logo and the name of the party could be called to change. The exercise should be completed by next June.

But in the corridors of the congress, the idea of ​​a name change received little support. For Pascal Berube, such a modification would be "cosmetic" and not "among the priorities in the coming months". Same story on the side of Sylvain Gaudreault, presumptive candidate for the chieftaincy, who says "favorable to keep the current name."

A president of Gabonese origin

Arrived from Gabon in 2001, Dieudonne Ella Oyono intends to work to "build bridges" with cultural communities, often resistant to the Parti Quebecois.

The new president has already begun to approach the Rwandan and Haitian communities.

"When we are an old colony, we went through independence, usually in the 60s. They understand the fight of Quebec," he says.

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