Tennis: the two tennis players Katherine Sebov and Alycia Parks almost go to the hands in ITF tournament in Las Vegas | VIDEO Tennis


One of the knockout matches of the ITF W60 Las Vegas tournament almost ends in a fight. The protagonists were the tennis players Katherine Sebov Y Alycia Parks, from Canada and the United States, respectively, who were about to take a hit after finishing the match. The trigger was a strong handshake.

At the match, Sebov beat Parks 6-0, 7-6. Then, they approached the net to shake hands, but after the squeeze Parks enraged and went against the Canadian. The American approached Sebov and tried to hit her, but both were immediately separated by the chair judge and a ‘ball boy’.

"He squeezed my hand very hard," Parks later said. And this was seconded by his compatriot Sachia Vickery, who spoke on the subject on social networks: “I was there. He definitely squeezed his hand too hard in the net. The referee clearly saw it. But I wouldn't be surprised if they don't do anything about it. ”

As reported by the Essentially Sports portal, the International Tennis Federation (ITF, for its acronym in English) has opened an investigation into this incident. In that Las Vegas tournament, Sebov beat Belarusian Olga Govortsova in the quarterfinals, but lost in the semifinals to Ukrainian Anhelina Kalinina.

This was the shameful incident between Alycia Parks and Katherine Sebov. (Photo and video: ATP)

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