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Seville has become the largest alternative reality game board in Spain thanks to Plague, the Movistar + series set in Seville at the end of the 16th century. The premiere, this Thursday inside the Seville Film Festival, of the first two chapters of this second season, both directed by the Sevillian Alberto Rodriguez, has been the starting signal for the game to begin on-site. Those interested in entering the dangerous world of underworld of the most cosmopolitan city in the world in the sixteenth century may, after registering, leave the royal board; that is to say the city of Seville itself, to fulfill geolocated missions in the historic center. The physical game will run until December 1.

It is about helping Teresa Pinelo, protagonist of the series, who has created a brotherhood to free the women who are forced to prostitute themselves in the port, where the gangsters enslave and mistreat them. Their goal is to embark them towards the New World where they can be free. The player will add points as he progresses in his mission.

"The game has many prizes, one of them is a trip to America, to Mexico; but also trips to Seville to know the real scenarios," explained on Tuesday at the City Hall of Seville, the first Renaissance building that was built in the city ​​and one of the scenarios of the series, Jeronimo Vilchez, director of the Southern Territory of Telefonica. "It's a city project, rather than a television series," he adds.

The Chapter Hall of the City Hall, also seen in the first two chapters, houses an exhibition with part of the project's boldness. "There are very curious things like the reproduction of the printing press of Juan Cromberger, which left Pajaritos street and was the first that arrived in America, or the chest of the three keys that kept public flows and that could only be opened if the three were officials at the same time, the claveros ", points Pedro Alvarez, documentary maker of the series.

Between a palanquin to transport the important people, an optical device or a few card decks, the exhibition will be one of the points where players will have to look for clues. Another of these spaces is the Casa de Gula tavern (Calle Alvarez Quintero 9), near the Consistory and inspired by a 16th-century food house. The immersion in Seville of Puerto de Indias also includes a route through 22 taverns and bars in the city that offer tapas related to La Garduna and the virtual reality experience Mud and gold, at the City Hall, where the public can fulfill a mission as a member of La Garduna.

Another option around Plague It is a tour of the scenarios in which the plot takes place with virtual reality glasses that recreate Seville the appearance that the Royal Mint, the bleachers of the cathedral, the squares of San Francisco or the Salvador or the Port of the Indies. Two-hour walks for about twenty people that the Past View company incorporates into its offer permanently.

"The benefits that this series, shot entirely in Andalusia and almost always in natural spaces, are leaving in Seville and the international projection of the city that it will have with its broadcast are incalculable. At the moment, 500 professionals have worked in the series and have counted with 2,000 extras and will leave many other things that we will try to make profitable beyond the second season, "said Antonio Munoz, delegate of Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism.

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