University of Hamburg: Christian Lindner is allowed to lecture outside


empert Christian Lindner had responded in late October, when the Hamburg University had rejected an appearance of the FDP chairman, but then found a solution: Instead of in the university rooms he discussed on Monday in front of the university with students.

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At the invitation of the Liberal University Group, he gave a lecture on the subject of "Free Speech. Thoughts on Freedom of Speech and Debate Climate ". About 150 students came to the event. Lindner advocated more political discussion at the universities. "There should be a lot more debate with the democratically elected representatives in the universities," he said.

He called on the party leaders of all German parties to come to Hamburg. "Democracy lives from differences. Because if everyone agreed, if all parties had the same opinion, in the end, then a single party would be enough, "said the FDP chairman.

Christian Lindner and Katharina Fegebank at the event

Christian Lindner and Katharina Fegebank at the event

Source: dpa / Axel Heimken

The FDP politician had complained in writing to the Senator for Science Senator Katharina Fegebank (Greens) about the cancellation. Fegebank took the opportunity on Monday to personally greet Lindner. The ban on Lindner's performance and the interruptions of lectures by economics professor and AfD co-founder Bernd Lucke at the University of Hamburg, which had been going on for weeks, triggered a debate about freedom of expression throughout Germany.

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