Weather November 2019, more rain and bad weather: the latest forecasts


The bad weather continues to grip the peninsula and standing to the latest weather forecasts the situation will not improve in the coming days. Rather. The site team warns that during this week Italy will be reached by well two cyclonic vortices. Particular attention today to Sicily and Calabria where the weather in the afternoon will worsen strongly with a real risk of flash floods and floods. Other rains will also hit the Center-North.

Weather, orange alert on Sicily, Calabria and Basilicata

Yesterday, the civil protection issued a warning of adverse weather conditions that from today afternoon provides "south-eastern gale winds, with gusts of strong storm or storm, over Sicily and Calabria, in extension from the evening, to Basilicata". And again: "Precipitation widespread and persistent, with a predominant reverse or temporal character, on Sicily and Calabria, in extension from the evening, to Basilicata. The phenomena will be accompanied by heavy rain showers, frequent electric activity and strong gusts of wind".

An orange alert has been declared on most of Basilicata and Calabria and all over Sicily. Also assessed yellow alert on the coastal basins of Tuscany, part of Abruzzo, all over Puglia and on the remaining sectors of Basilicata and Calabria.

Tuesday new rains and storms in the center-north

Second the weather, Tuesday the disturbance will move from the south to the centronord, bringing strong rains and possible storms in Lazio, Tuscany and the Northeast. Expected takeovers in Rome, Grosseto, Bologna, Verona, Padua. In Venice high water will return with an expected tide of 125 cm. Snow for now will fall on the Alps only above 1000-1200 meters.

Weather, a new disturbance is coming on Thursday 14 November

The team of the site informs that between Wednesday and Thursday the weather will temporarily tend to improve with more sunny spaces, but already from Thursday evening another disturbance will lead to Northwest and Sardinia where they are planned abundant rainfall.

Friday the bad weather will be released in the Center-North where the snow will descend abundantly at very low altitudes on the Alps (5-900 meters), and at 1400 meters on the Apennines. The rains will not leave Italy even in the following weekend. In short, it will be a rainy November. And the winter, the real one, is almost upon us.

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