136 Abuse Cases in Kladow: The Lone Lover with the Caravan – Berlin


It is tranquil. On the Havel is the Grounds of Kladower Anglers Association, little houses, leaves under the trees – and three caravans. To one of these caravans is a red-white flutter tape stretched, On this caravan, at around 7 pm on 1 November, investigators from the Berlin State Office for Criminal Investigation arrived and arrested a 50-year-old man.

Horst K. (name changed) stayed overnight again and again in this caravanwhen it was late, when he was still fishing at night. He had an apartment in Tegel otherwise. Since the arrest, K. has been in custody, and at the request of the prosecution, an arrest warrant has been issued for urgent suspicion. K. should in recent years four boys at the age of eight to eleven years sexually abused in 136 cases have, sometimes difficult. Investigators believe that these are not the only cases.

The members of Kladower Anglers Association are shaken, One whose own family is affected stands in the meadow this morning and tells. An elderly gentleman wearing metal eyeglasses and a sweater bearing the club's logo. His grandson is one of the boys who are said to have been abused by K.

Some time ago, he says, the boy had become worse and worse in school. The parents were worried. At some point, the boy trusted his father, who then went to the police. Investigators 132 at the State Criminal Police Office, responsible for sexual offenses, needed time to investigate the suspicion of collecting child-friendly interrogations, care, and solid evidence.

In the club, they also ask themselves, how it could come to this. The man had a good reputation. In 2014 K. came to the club, a certificate of good conduct did not demand the responsible persons. Because K. was as a youth guard volunteerhe did not get any compensation for it. And the club chairman was glad to have found anyone for the job, as he said the Tagesspiegel. In addition, he knew the man who is now in custody, according to his own testimony for 15 years. He never heard anything negative about him.

With a few children he stayed for night fishing

In meanwhile deleted contributions K. reported then, how he fished with children and teenagers, by land or boat, as he and the children have excluded and prepared the caught fish. How he taught them to attach hooks, poses and weights. Or how some kids spent the weekend on the grounds – for night fishing.

No one in the club trusted K. to have it no signals, no warnings given. By anglers from other clubs, where he was before and had to deal there with children, was only good things about him Service. And also with the children and adolescents in Kladow be K. popular he had done a good job as a youth guard.

Even at another club in Tegel, where K. was a few years ago, fell to the responsible nothing, at least nothing that has to do with child abuse. K. had repaired equipment, had been a mechanic. At the Tegeler club K. described as a longlineras one who was upset and quick-tempered, one who, unlike the other men in the club, never brought a wife or girlfriend.

Association: Youth work will change a lot

Malte Frerichs, Vice President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Association of German Sport Fisheries, assumes that in future more clubs To pass on to be shown by the youth and other volunteers the extended police certificate of good conduct.

From the club itself, it is said that after several discussions, it was agreed to continue with the youth work, "but it will change a lot." The chairman said he "pray that the children as safe as possible and get out without permanent damage "and that those affected" the joy of this sport is not taken ".

(Berlin to the neighborhood: The people newsletter from the Berlin districts's free from the Tagesspiegel, here: mensch.tagesspiegel.de)

"The message has us hit out of the blue", Said Alexander Seggelke, managing director of the German Fishing Association. The association will now give the club concerned "as much support as possible". Horst Kortstock, chairman of the Anglers Association Spondauer Carpe Diem said: "This is the worst thing that can happen to a club."

The Landessportbund Berlin had last in late October as part of its "Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Conference for the Child protection against sexualized violence in sport"Busy with the dangers. There it was also announced that from 2020 a seal "child protection" for clubs and associations as a "predicate for a culture of attention" will give.

It was important that child protection from the clubs perceived as something positive wishes, the LSB child protection commissioner Meral Molkenthin wishes. The LSB-Justiziarin Cornelia KOhncke stressed that already "with small measures a great protection" was to be reached.

Police and prosecutors ask for clues

The investigators assume that the four boys from the Kladow fishing club not the only victims are. K. had been active in various clubs for 20 years. The police and prosecutors therefore ask for clues; Victims and their relatives should contact each other.

The case, the scenery, the caravans are reminiscent of the case Ludge in North Rhine-Westphalia. Over the years, there are two men on a campsite on the border with Lower Saxony, many children sometimes severely sexually abused. The district court Detmold had sentenced the men in September to long-term prison sentences. Both filmed their deeds, the police ensured a total of thousands of video and video files that show sexual violence against children and adolescents.

Also in the caravan of K. in Kladow found the investigators extensive evidencewhich now needs to be evaluated. The public prosecutor's office speaks of "numerous objects, which according to descriptions of the children in the abusive acts should have been used regularly". It should be around Sex toys act. Also disks were found. The investigators check whether the suspect has filmed or photographed his actions.

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