20-year-old Boeing 767: This is Israel's new "Air Force One"


Israel has a new government aircraft: On November 3, lifted the Boeing 767-300 after two years of reconstruction in Tel Aviv for the first time. The machine was built in 2000 – but for another operator.

Bei Israel's largest airline El Al landed the Boeing 767 in the spring of 2019 on the siding: In early February the flag carrier examined the last of its 13 767 from. Their successor was the Boeing 787. In the Israeli Air Force on the other hand, the 767 is still very high in the course: On 3 November launched Israel's future "Air Force One", a 767-300ER, from the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on her maiden flight. Shortly before, the machine built in 2000 had been slowed down in rolling tests by a fault in the brake system. The first flight then went smoothly. Soon the aircraft will serve the Israeli Prime Minister and the President for foreign travel. So far, the heads of state of the country always used for this purpose a leased machine El Al.

Once at Qantas, soon in the civil service for Israel

At El Al, however, the designated government aircraft with the civilian ID 4X-ISR never flew. Although the 767-300 has nearly 20 years under its belt and was indeed on the road as an airliner before its second career in Israel, the plane did not enter the "Promised Land" until 2016. Before that, the aircraft flew from June 2000 through 2015 for the Australian Qantas, before the Israelis finally bought the plane from the Australians. For two years, a team from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) transformed the long-haul jet from a discarded airliner into a high-tech state machine. The 767 now has a comprehensive self-protection system and state-of-the-art communication elements. The government machine could also fly "nonstop to China and Japan in the east or to the US and Brazil in the west," IAI announces proudly in a press release. During the trip, the Prime Minister (or President) can easily pursue his official business from the air.


"Wings of Zion" on its first flight: The nearly 20-year-old Boeing 767-300ER flew for Qantas earlier and now faces a second career as Israel's government machine.

Government aircraft for $ 206 million

On their first flight on November 3, the converted Boeing 767-300ER was in the air for about four and a half hours. The test pilots checked the basic systems and were satisfied with the result afterwards. A series of further test flights is now to make the Greater Zweistrahler fit for its future duties. When exactly the jet should go into service, IAI announced yet. Known for this are the current cost of the project: 206 million US dollars (about 187 million euros) represent the government 767, which will carry the future recording of the "Wings of Zion", according to a report of the Times of Israel in the budget. The purchase of the aircraft itself therefore struck with 48 million US dollars (43.6 million euros) to book.

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